How to Apply Face Cream Properly

How to Apply Face Cream Properly The use of nourishing, moisturising, rejuvenating or anti-age face cream is considered one of the most important steps in a daily skincare routine. However, slathering moisturiser all over your face or rubbing it in won’t do you any good. If you want your skin to stay hydrated and youthful-looking, you need to know how to apply face cream properly for the maximum result.

There are two main types of face cream, day cream and night cream. Day creams are usually designed to moisturise the skin and protect it from the environment (many even have SPF for UV protection); they have a light texture and absorb fast. Night creams, in their turn, usually have a strong nourishing, regenerative and rejuvenating effect, as well as a thick texture.

It usually takes day creams about 15 minutes to absorb; night creams need much more time, up to 1,5–2 hours. It is important to remove excess cream that hasn’t been absorbed from the skin surface to prevent clogged pores. For this purpose, you can use paper tissues or cotton pads: gently blot your face without rubbing or stretching the skin.

Any kind of face cream must be applied to clean, dry skin. Remember that you shouldn’t wipe your skin after washing your face; instead, gently pat it dry with a towel to remove excess moisture. It is important to note that you should apply moisturising day cream even if you use BB cream as a foundation, especially if you have dry skin. Although BB cream does have moisturising properties, it may be not enough.

The scheme of application for both day and night face creams is the same and is based on the so-called massage lines. These are the lines on your face where the skin stretches the least. If you apply cream along these lines, your skin will retain its natural elasticity, firmness and smoothness.

According to the classic scheme, facial massage lines extend from the bridge of the nose to the hairline and temples; from the bridge of the nose to the outer corners of the eyes along the eyebrows and from the outer corners of the eyes along the lower eyelids to the bridge of the nose; from the tip of the nose to its wings and bridge; from the wings of the nose to the temples through the cheeks; from the spot between the nose and lips to the earlobes; from the corners of the mouth to the earlobes; from the centre of the chin to the earlobes.

Most face creams are also applied to the neck, so you should know its massage lines, too. They go from top to bottom (from the jaw to the clavicles) on the sides of the neck and from the bottom up (from the hollow between the clavicles to the chin) on the front of the neck.

To apply face cream properly, you need to evenly distribute it along these lines. For this, pick up a small portion of cream with the tips of your index and middle fingers, let it warm up a little, and then gently pat the cream into the skin. Start from the forehead, then gradually move to the nose, cheeks and chin, and in the end, apply cream to the neck.

Please note that you shouldn’t apply face cream to the area around the eyes since it can be too heavy for thin and delicate skin. Instead, invest in a good eye cream that will moisturise and nourish the skin, smooth out fine lines, reduce crow’s feet and the appearance of under-eye bags and dark circles.

You must never forcefully rub face cream into your skin. It won’t increase its effect or make the cream absorb easier; on the contrary, rubbing will make your skin lose elasticity. Don’t rush while applying the cream and let it absorb completely before going outside, especially during the cold months.

If you apply face cream properly, it will take much better care of your skin. Of course, the choice of the cream also plays a very important role, because only high-quality products with carefully balanced formulations that include natural or organic ingredients will be beneficial for the skin of your face and neck.

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