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Hand Antiseptics by Hand Sanitar Keeping your hands clean and germ-free is one of the keys to protecting yourself from the novel coronavirus during the COVID-19 pandemic. Ideally, you should thoroughly wash them with soap, but when soap and running water aren’t available, using hand sanitiser is the next best thing. Check out hand antiseptics produced by Hand Sanitar; they’re based on ethanol and infused with moisturising ingredients.

Regularly washing your hands with soap is the key to health; we all have been told this since we were little kids. However, never before has such a simple hygiene rule been as relevant as it is now. But what should you do if water and soap aren’t available when you need them? This is when hand sanitiser gels and sprays come to the rescue.

According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommendations, hand sanitisers (also known as hand antiseptics, hand disinfectants or hand rubs) can replace hand washing with soap in certain situations or complement it. However, not all hand sanitisers are effective against pathogens, so it’s very important to choose ones that will really work.

The thing is, only alcohol-based hand sanitisers can quickly and effectively eliminate various potentially harmful microbes on the skin of your hands; at the same time, they are highly unlikely to cause microorganisms to develop antimicrobial resistance. Besides, disinfecting your hands with alcohol-based sanitiser is a quick, convenient and affordable process, which is very important for protecting yourself from getting an infection after touching surfaces that might be contaminated with dangerous microbes.

Alliance of Beauty, a Ukrainian pharmaceutical scientific research centre, has taken into account the main WHO recommendations and created a collection of hygienic hand gels and sprays with antiseptic agents. Entitled Hand Sanitar, the collection comprises products containing 60% to 64% ethanol, which are infused with special ingredients (glycerine, allantoin, panthenol and aloe vera extract) designed to protect the skin of the hands from irritation and dehydration.

Hand Sanitar antiseptics are suitable both for domestic use and for hand disinfection of personnel working at factories, in educational and medical institutions, banks, social and municipal services, stores, etc. Thanks to their thoroughly developed formulas, Hand Sanitar products have a wide range of antimicrobial activity and are effective even at high organic loads.

All hand sanitisers from this collection can be used for skin disinfection in their native form, i.e. they don’t need to be diluted with water or otherwise prepared for use. All you need to do is pour 3 ml sanitiser into your cupped palm and vigorously rub it into the skin of your hands and wrists for 30 seconds. It is especially important to pay attention to certain areas, such as your thumbs and fingertips, the spots between your fingers, nails, nail walls, and the skin under your nails.

While disinfecting your hands with Hand Sanitar products, you need to keep your skin wet with sanitiser. Don’t wipe or wash your hands after the procedure. To make sure you disinfect your hands really thoroughly, follow these hand rubbing guidelines developed by WHO:

  • apply a palmful of sanitiser in a cupped hand;
  • rub your hands palm to palm;
  • rub your right palm over the left palm with interlaced fingers, and vice versa;
  • rub your hands palm to palm with interlaced fingers;
  • rub the backs of your fingers to opposing palms with interlaced fingers;
  • clasp your left thumb in the right palm and rub it rotationally, and vice versa;
  • rub the clasped fingers of your right hand in the left palm, and vice versa;
  • let your hands dry.

If you disinfect your hands with Hand Sanitar products properly, you can be sure that your hands are germ-free, since ethanol kills 99.9% of pathogenic microbes on your skin in 20 seconds. And to protect the skin of your hands from dehydration and irritation caused by vigorous rubbing with alcohol, the products are infused with special ingredients, as already mentioned above.

These ingredients include panthenol, glycerine, allantoin and aloe vera extract. Working together, they have a moisturising, nourishing, softening and soothing effect on the skin, stimulate its regeneration and renewal, and effectively prevent dehydration caused by alcohol. In addition, glycerine is responsible for the products’ texture and consistency. It makes them easier to apply and keeps the skin from feeling tight.

In our online shop Organic Store, you can buy Hand Sanitar antiseptic gels and sprays for personal hygiene at home and for professional use. All products offered by the brand have the necessary certificates, which confirm their quality and safety, and different volumes (100 ml, 250 ml, 500 ml) allow you to choose the best option that suits your particular needs. We offer affordable prices, convenient payment options, and international delivery to most countries. Protect yourself from infections with Hand Sanitar and Organic Store!

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