Alphabet Face Creams by Cafe Mimi

Alphabet Face Creams by Cafe Mimi Most women will probably agree that choosing the right makeup foundation is not an easy task, because a good foundation should help to achieve several goals at once: mattify the skin, conceal imperfections, and make your makeup last as long as possible. Alphabet face creams by Cafe Mimi are exactly what you need in such a case, because this product line includes creams for instant skin transformation.

Cafe Mimi is a Russian-based brand of high-quality cosmetics formulated with natural ingredients. Its products stand out due to their stylish and vibrant design, carefully balanced formulations with plant-based ingredients, and eco-friendliness, as product packaging is made from recyclable plastic, and the products are not tested on animals. In addition, most of the brand’s products are vegan.

Cafe Mimi produces a wide range of personal care products, from shampoos and hair conditioners to face scrubs and masks, but alphabet face creams from its makeup collection deserve special attention. They are referred to as “alphabet creams” because their names include two-latter acronyms, such as BB, MM, PP. Let’s figure out what these acronyms mean.

What makes all these creams so special is that they serve as a foundation and moisturiser at the same time. The first “alphabet cream” to receive wide attention was BB cream. It was originally invented by a German dermatologist in the 1960s, but it was Korean companies that developed the product further and began to market it in the 1980s. CC cream appeared in 2010, and then other types of tinted moisturiser began to emerge.

Cafe Mimi produces four alphabet creams; each of them is designed to make your skin look flawless and serves as a perfect makeup foundation. For example, Facial Blur Cream is designed to instantly make your skin smooth and matte. The cream is formulated with special light-reflecting micro particles, which reduce the appearance of pores and fine lines, improve complexion, and even out skin tone, making your skin look as if it were transformed by Photoshop’s Blur Tool.

The formula of Facial Blur Cream is enriched with nannochloropsis (microscopic algae) extract, known for its high content of antioxidants and a powerful rejuvenating effect. Another active ingredient of the cream is peppermint extract. It soothes the skin, combats inflammation and irritation, produces an antiseptic effect, stimulates microcirculation in the epidermis, strengthens capillary walls, and normalises the production of skin oil (sebum).

Cafe Mimi’s Perfect Skin Facial BB Cream is the closest to a classic BB cream. It is designed to make your skin look youthful and well-groomed, create a naturally flawless skin tone, and provide a perfectly smooth makeup foundation. This cream looks completely invisible, but it makes the skin soft and smooth, helps to lock in moisture, boosts the skin’s elasticity and firmness, restores its healthy complexion, and prevents irritation and flaking.

This BB cream is formulated with AQUAXYL™, a moisturising agent based on natural plant-based and mineral ingredients. It stimulates the synthesis of ceramides in the epidermis, as well as protects the skin from moisture loss and harmful environmental factors.

If your skin is prone to oiliness and greasy shine, check out Max Matte Facial MM Cream by Cafe Mimi. It is specifically designed to prevent greasy shine, moisturise the skin, keep it looking and feeling fresh, and make the skin smoother. This cream is a perfect makeup base for oily or combination skin, as it has a very light texture and doesn’t clog pores.

The formula of Cafe Mimi’s MM Cream includes saccharide isomerate (an EPS – exopolysaccharide) and green tea extract. These active ingredients have a hydrating and softening effect. They nourish the skin, prevent premature skin ageing, improve lymph drainage, even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of pores, and stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis in the epidermis.

Finally, Pink Effect Facial PP Cream by Cafe Mimi contains Shine On, a special active complex that gives the skin a healthy, natural glow, as well as ensures flawless smoothness and impeccable skin tone. This cream easily conceals imperfections and makes the skin look fresh and well-rested. It has a light, melting texture, which makes it very easy to apply as a makeup foundation.

The formula of this PP cream is based on maca (Peruvian ginseng) extract, hyaluronic acid and sweet almond oil. These natural plant-based ingredients nourish, moisturise and soften the skin, stimulate skin cell regeneration, revitalise the skin, produce an antiseptic effect, and improve skin cell metabolism. In addition, they prevent premature skin ageing, boost the skin’s elasticity, and have a lifting effect.

All alphabet creams produced by Cafe Mimi contain special particles that visually transform the skin, as well as effective bioactive ingredients that eliminate imperfections instead of simply masking them and, as a result, make your skin healthy and youthful-looking. If you don’t need a makeup base, you can use any of these creams as an everyday moisturiser with an additional benefit of evening out skin tone; all creams are perfectly suitable for daily use.

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