Beauty Benefits of Plant-Based Collagen

Beauty Benefits of Plant-Based Collagen Plant-based collagen is a common active ingredient in various cosmetic products, especially those designed for vegans and vegetarians, since vegan products can’t contain animal or marine collagen. However, if you know basic biology, you probably want to ask, “How can collagen be plant-based?” Well, let’s figure out together what plant-based collagen is and what beauty benefits it has.

Collagen is a fibrous structural protein found in animal connective tissues. It makes up some 30% proteins in the human body and is mostly found in skin, ligaments, and tendons. Other organisms, such as plants or algae, don’t contain collagen. So what do cosmetic manufacturers mean by plant-based collagen?

The thing is, certain proteins found in plants have structure and properties similar – but not identical – to collagen. Just like collagen is responsible for the strength and elasticity of tendons, ligaments and skin in humans and animals, these proteins are responsible for the strength of various plant parts, such as leaves, stems, etc.

The so-called plant-based collagen, sometimes referred to as vegan collagen, is usually obtained from wheat or algae. It contains the same or almost the same groups of amino acids as true (animal) collagen extracted from the skin or tendons of animals (for example, horses or bovines) or from fish skins.

Plant-based collagen is hypoallergenic and is better absorbed by the skin. But what beauty benefits can you expect from it? First of all, plant-based collagen is valued for its moisturising properties. Like animal collagen, it is very hygroscopic, i.e. it is able to draw and retain relatively large amounts of moisture. In addition, when applied to the skin, it creates an invisible layer on the skin surface that prevents moisture loss but at the same time allows the skin to breathe freely.

Another beauty benefit of plant-based collagen is its ability to stimulate the regeneration of damaged skin. The amino acid groups that make up plant-based collagen stimulate fibroblasts (skin cells that synthesise collagen), speeding up the healing of minor skin injuries.

In addition, stimulation of collagen production in the skin allows to make the skin smoother, prevent sagging, slightly improve face contour, and reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. In addition, collagen helps to maintain the natural pH balance of the epidermis, has a softening effect, and helps to prevent dry, rough and flaky skin.

Today, cosmetic manufacturers use plant-based collagen in all kinds of skin and hair care products, including, but not limited to, face creams, mask and serums, body moisturisers, shampoos, hair conditioners, hair masks, hair sprays, etc. It can be combined with other active ingredients in order to enhance their efficiency. For example, collagen can prolong the effect of natural oils and extracts, thereby improving their absorption by skin or hair.

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