Is It Safe to Use Face Scrub in the Summer?

Is It Safe to Use Face Scrub in the Summer? During the hot summer months, when your skin never seems to feel clean and fresh, you may find yourself using your face scrub more often than usual. But is it safe? Can you use face scrub in the summer without harming your skin? Read on to learn more about exfoliating your skin with scrubs during the summer season.

Face scrubs are used for mechanical skin exfoliation. They are formulated with abrasive particles (salt or sugar crystals, pumice, crushed almond shells or apricot kernel, microbeads, etc.), which physically remove dead cells, excess sebum and grime from the skin surface, making it clean and smooth. Scrubs are the most popular products for at-home exfoliation because they are easy to use and affordable.

Unfortunately, face scrubs have a number of drawbacks, the biggest one being that abrasive particles may irritate or damage the skin. This is especially true in the summer, when your skin is more vulnerable to heat, UV radiation, salt and chlorinated water, dust, sand, etc. Going overboard with scrubbing can make it dry, irritated and defenceless against the environment.

When you exfoliate your skin with a scrub, it loses its protective layer and becomes extremely vulnerable to various aggressive external factors. This may lead to skin redness, flaking, inflammation, and infection with pathogenic microorganisms.

In addition, mechanical scrubbing makes the skin on your face more sensitive to ultraviolet radiation; if your skin is prone to pigmentation, it may lead to the formation of freckles or age spots, which becomes an additional problem.

Considering these consequences, many women are quite reasonably reluctant to use face scrub in the summer, and instead resort to gentler methods of removing dead cells from the skin surface. However, this doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use face scrubs all summer. If you follow a few simple rules, your skin will be well-exfoliated and unharmed in the process.

The most important rule of scrubbing your face in the summer is to exfoliate at least 6-8 hours before going outside and exposing your skin to UV rays. This time is enough for the skin to recover and be able to withstand the “attack” of heat, dust, wind and sun radiation.

Another important rule is to use face scrub as often as your skin type requires. If you have dry and/or sensitive skin, you should exfoliate your skin in the summer no more than every two or three weeks, and the scrub itself should be as gentle and delicate as possible. If you have oily or normal skin, it is enough to use scrub every 7-10 days to remove dead cells and other impurities.

If you have skin issues (breakouts, irritation, inflammation, flaking, etc.), do not scrub your face because it can lead to very sad consequences. If your skin is already irritated or injured, abrasive particles can increase damage and aggravate problems.

The third basic rule for exfoliating your skin in the summer is to carefully study the ingredient list of the scrub you intend to use (although this rule applies all the year round). A good face scrub should contain fine and delicate exfoliating particles to minimise skin damage, as well as ingredients that help to restore and protect the skin after exfoliation.

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