How to Use Dishwasher Salt

How to Use Dishwasher Salt If you have just recently installed your very first dishwashing machine, you might be unaware of certain nuances of using it. For example, do you now that you may need to use special salt to prolong the lifespan of your dishwasher? Let us tell you what dishwasher salt is, why your dishwasher needs it and how to use it properly.

Dishwashing salt is sometimes referred to as regenerating salt because its primary task is to regenerate the water softener circuit of a dishwasher. Hard water can cause dishes to appear dirty even after they’re cleaned, as well as result in the formation of limescale deposits inside the dishwasher. To prevent this, dishwashers sold in some countries are equipped with a built-in water softener that removes magnesium and calcium ions from the water.

Water softening in dishwashers is achieved using ion-exchange resins that trap calcium and magnesium ions. As more and more ions are trapped in the water softening circuit, its water softening performance decreases, and that’s when regeneration salt comes to the rescue. During regeneration, the salt is passed through the resin, flushing out the trapped ions.

The chemical formula of dishwasher salt is NaCl (sodium chloride), which means that it has the same composition as table salt. What this doesn’t mean is that you can use regular table salt (as well as sea salt or kosher salt) as a replacement for special regenerating salt. Dishwasher salt is coarse-grained, which allows it to dissolve slowly and prevents it from clogging the water softener circuit. To keep the circuit working, you need to add regenerating salt to your dishwasher machine once or twice a year, depending on the hardness of water in your region.

Where and How to Put Dishwasher Salt?

If your dishwasher has a built-in water softening circuit, it should also have a special compartment for dishwasher salt, which is separate from the detergent compartment. The salt reservoir is usually located under the bottom rack of the dishwasher, so you’ll need to pull all the racks out to get to it.

After pulling the bottom rack out, unscrew the cap of the salt compartment and pour salt until the reservoir is completely filled up. To avoid spills, use a funnel. The amount of salt you need to use depends on the brand and size of your dishwasher; you may need up to 1 kg (about 2 lbs) of salt.

If it is the first time you’re using your dishwasher, you need to fill the salt compartment with water first. After that, you won’t need to refill it because the reservoir will always have some water left in it. When the salt compartment is completely filled up with salt, use a wet cloth to wipe any spilled salt around the reservoir. After that, all that’s left to do is screw the cap on tightly and replace the racks.

How Often Do You Need to Refill Your Dishwasher with Salt?

The required frequency of adding salt to your dishwasher depends on several factors, such as water hardness, dishwasher settings, and how often you use the dishwasher. Most dishwashers that have a built-in water softener circuit also have an automatic sensing system and a special indicator that will light yellow or red to notify you when you need to add more salt.

However, some cheap dishwasher models don’t have an indicator. In such a case, it’s up to you to decide how often your dishwasher needs a refill. Some people top off the reservoir once per month to make sure it’s always full, whereas others wait until the salt runs out to refill the compartment. Depending on water hardness, it may happen in 4 to 6 months (if the water is hard) or in about a year (if the water is moderately hard).

You can also tell if your dishwasher is ready for a refill based on the state of the dishes. If they look like they’re covered with white droplets or a white film or appear overly streaky, you definitely need to add more salt. Clear glasses are the best indicator because streaks are more visible on them.

How to Choose the Right Salt for Your Dishwasher?

Today, you can buy various brands of dishwasher salt in grocery stores, hardware stores, or online. It usually comes in the form of granules packaged in bags or bottles, but some manufacturers also produce dishwasher salt tablets.

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