Top 5 Organic Shop Body Scrubs to Use in a Sauna

Top 5 Organic Shop Body Scrubs to Use in a Sauna There are plenty of health benefits associated with sauna, such as a reduced risk of cardiovascular and respiratory problems. Sauna is also good for your skin because it helps to unclog pores and boosts the efficiency of skincare products, such as scrubs. Check out these amazing body scrubs by Organic Shop that you can use in a sauna to make your skin super soft and silky smooth.

Saunas have a positive effect on the skin in several ways. As we’ve already mentioned above, being in a sauna makes your pores open up and prevents clogging. Additionally, sweating helps your skin to get rid of toxins, preventing acne breakouts. Finally, spending time in sauna increases blood circulation in the epidermis, which means that your skin gets more nutrients.

One more skin benefit of saunas is that high temperatures and steam help various exfoliating products, such as scrubs, to slough off dead cells from the skin surface. So using a body scrub in a sauna is a great way to give your skin some TLC and make it soft, smooth and supple. Of course, it is important to choose the right body scrub.

Body scrubs produced by Organic Shop are really popular among consumers of organic and natural cosmetics in Russia and its neighbouring countries. Organic Shop was one of the first brands in Russia to produce cosmetic products formulated with certified organic ingredients (plant extracts, carrier and essential oils) and free of potentially harmful synthetic preservatives, fragrances and dyes.

Organic Shop’s collection of body scrubs include products based on sea salt and cane sugar. Salt and sugar crystals are natural exfoliating agents that gently polish the skin without leaving any scratches or causing irritation. In addition to salt or sugar, Organic Shop scrubs contain other natural ingredients (cosmetic clay, coffee grounds, organic oils and extracts) to take good care of your skin. Let’s take a closer look at five most popular body scrubs and polishes produced by the brand.

Organic Olive & Clay Body Polish

This body polish is formulated with sea salt, organic olive oil, natural purple iris extract, and two kinds of cosmetic clay (bentonite/blue clay and kaolin/white clay). It effectively removes dead epidermal cells from the surface of the skin, nourishes and moisturises the skin, makes it softer and smother, boosts skin elasticity and firmness, slows down skin ageing, and helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite.

Organic Mango & Sugar Body Scrub

This body scrub is based on natural cane sugar and infused with organic green tea and chamomile extracts, organic mango seed butter, sea buckthorn oil, and neroli essential oil. The product is extremely delicate; it cleanses and polishes the skin, produces a hydrating effect, provides the skin with nutrients, boosts its regeneration and renewal, and helps to maintain the skin’s natural protective lipid barrier. In addition, the scrub has antiseptic and antioxidant properties.

Organic Raspberry & Sugar Body Polish

This is a real delicious dessert for your skin! This body polish is based on cane sugar, organic raspberry extract, and protein-rich cream. The product gently polishes the skin, makes it smoother and improves complexion, helps to keep the skin hydrated, provides it with vitamins and other nutrients, produces a toning and refreshing effect, prevents loss of elasticity, and makes the skin soft and smooth.

Organic Rose & Pearl Body Polish

This body polish with sea salt and pearl extract delicately exfoliates the skin. It is infused with natural moisturising and nourishing ingredients, such as organic Damask rose oil and organic shea butter. Thanks to them, the polish boosts skin elasticity and firmness, produces a toning effect, improves complexion, stimulates skin renewal, and prevents skin redness and flaking.

Organic Coffee & Sugar Body Scrub

This scrub contains two exfoliating agents: cane sugar and coffee powder. They not only remove dead skin cells, but also boost microcirculation in the epidermis, improve lymph drainage, and help to prevent the signs of cellulite. The scrub also contains organic coffee seed oil and organic shea butter. These ingredients nourish and hydrate the skin, produce a lifting effect, and improve skin elasticity.

All body scrubs by Organic Shop are free of sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), parabens and silicones. To make the best of their skin benefits in a sauna, wait until you break into a sweat and your skin gets really soft from all the heat and steam. Then generously apply scrub to your skin and massage for several minutes to stimulate local microcirculation and improve lymph drainage.

After that, leave the scrub on your skin for several minutes to let its active ingredients do their magic. Finally, rinse if off, wipe your skin with a soft, fluffy towel and apply moisturiser, for example, coconut oil or a light body mousse or cream produced by Organic Shop.

Keep in mind that you should be careful when using body scrubs if you have sensitive skin; in this case, sugar scrubs are preferable to salt scrubs, and you shouldn’t massage your skin too vigorously. You shouldn’t apply scrub if you have damaged skin or an inflammatory skin condition, especially if the product contains salt.

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