Fresh Juice Superfood Body Care Products with Superfoods

Fresh Juice Superfood Body Care Products with Superfoods Superfoods — foods that have an exceptional nutrient density and health benefits resulting from it — have been increasingly used as cosmetic ingredients. Multiple cosmetic brands have superfood-inspired collections. For example, Ukrainian company Elfa has recently launched a new collection of body care products entitled Fresh Juice Superfood.

Fresh Juice is one of Elfa’s oldest and most popular brands. It specializes in producing face and body care products formulated with juice concentrates, fruit extracts, and nutritious vegetable oils. Long before launching a superfood-based collection, the brand’s specialists used exotic fruit extracts and juices in their products: mango, lychee, cumquat, fig, passion fruit, rambutan, papaya, clementine, blood orange, loquat, noni, carambola, dragon fruit, guava, etc.

Launched in 2021, the new Fresh Juice Superfood collection currently consists of two lines of body care products: Baobab and Caribbean Gold Melon and Strawberry and Chia. Let’s take a closer look at the superfoods they contain.

Few people in the West associate baobab with food, but in Africa, people eat its fruits and leaves. Young fresh baobab leaves may be eaten as a leaf vegetable; they can be eaten fresh, pickled, or added to soups and stews. The dried fruit powder is used to prepare a tonic drink. In the West, healthy food enthusiasts add baobab powder to nutritious smoothies.

In Fresh Juice Superfood products, baobab extract is used due to its powerful antioxidant effect. It neutralises the harmful effects of free radicals, preventing premature skin ageing, as well as stimulates the production of collagen and elastin to maintain the skin’s natural firmness and elasticity.

Caribbean Gold cantaloupe melon extract is a valuable source of vitamins and minerals: beta-carotene (provitamin A), B vitamins, vitamins C and K, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, phosphorus, potassium, sodium, and zinc. When used as a cosmetic ingredient, it nourishes and moisturises the skin, helps to combat pigmentation, reduces inflammation, and stimulates the natural regeneration and renewal of the epidermis.

Strawberry is such a common fruit that most people don’t associate it with superfoods. However, strawberries are an excellent source of vitamin C and a good source of manganese. They also contain B vitamins, vitamins E and K, calcium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, sodium, potassium, zinc, and organic acids.

As a cosmetic ingredient, strawberry extract is valued due to its skin whitening and antioxidant effect. It evens out skin tone, prevents pigmentation and other signs of premature skin ageing (loss of firmness and elasticity, fine lines and wrinkles, dehydration), reduces skin redness, and makes the skin look healthy and glowing.

Finally, chia seeds are one of the most famous superfoods. In Latin America, they have been a staple for centuries; there is evidence that chia was cultivated by Aztecs in the pre-Columbian era. In the rest of the world, however, chia seeds are still considered an exotic food. They are rich in protein, unsaturated fatty acids, and antioxidants. Chia seeds are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals, such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc.

Fresh Juice Superfood is formulated with chia seed oil (more specifically, chia seed infused olive oil). It nourishes and hydrates the skin, relieves irritation and inflammation, boosts regeneration, slows down the ageing process, and help to protect the skin from harmful environmental factors.

In addition to cantaloupe, strawberry and baobab extracts and chia oil, Fresh Juice Superfood products contain other superfoods, for example, hemp seed oil. Hemp oil contains omega-6 and omega-3 in an optimal ratio (3 to 1). Thanks to this, it actively nourishes and moisturises the skin, makes it softer and smoother, prevents dehydration, and helps to maintain the skin’s natural protective barrier.

Each of the two product lines that make up the Fresh Juice Superfood collection includes all the products you need to take good care of your body: shower gel, shower scrub, sugar body scrub, bath salt and beads, body butter, body lotion, liquid soap, and travels-size hand balm.

You can buy these products in our online shop Organic Store and treat yourself to an at-home spa experience that will help to you relax and forget about your everyday troubles, as well as make your skin incredibly soft and silky smooth. Take care of yourself with Organic Store and Fresh Juice Superfood!

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