How to Take Care of Dry Feet and Cracked Heels

How to Take Care of Dry Feet and Cracked Heels Dry skin of the feet can cause a lot of problems, for example, cracked and painful heels. What can you do at home to remedy the situation? Read on to learn how to keep the skin of you feet soft, smooth and hydrated in order to prevent cracked heels.

Unfortunately, sometimes people simply forget to take care of their feet, especially during the cold season, when the weather does not allow us to wear sandals or open-toe shoes. However, well-groomed skin of the feet is not only a matter of aesthetics; it is also a mater of health because, as we’ve already mentioned above, dry heels can crack and cause quite a lot of discomfort and even pain.

Dry heels can be caused by wearing ill-fitting shoes or failing to take proper care of your feet. In addition, sometimes dry feet are a sign of a health condition, such as vitamin and mineral deficiency, fungal infection, eczema, etc.

As most people know, it is always easier to prevent a problem than to solve it. Therefore, you need to make sure that your everyday beauty routine includes measures designed to prevent dry and cracked heels.

For example, don’t forget to cleanse the skin of your feet every day. When you’re bathing or showering, pay special attention to your heels by thoroughly cleansing them with your usual soap or shower gel and rubbing them dry with a towel afterwards.

Before going to bed, apply some type of moisturising and nourishing skincare product to your heels. It can be your regular body cream or lotion, a special foot cream, or a pure carrier oil, such as shea butter, cocoa butter, or coconut oil.

From time to time, exfoliate the skin of your feet using special scrubs and peels. However, we recommend against using a pumice stone because it can be too abrasive and may injure your heels. You should also keep in mind that you shouldn’t exfoliate if your heels have already started to crack.

Following these three simple rules is already enough to keep the skin of your feet moisturised and prevent cracked heels. But what can you do if your heels are already dry?

Nourishing foot masks are a good solution. Soak your feet in warm water, exfoliate them, and rub them dry with a towel. Apply any carrier oil of your choice (for example, sweet almond, coconut, avocado, olive, jojoba, shea butter, etc.) to your feet. Rub the oil in until it absorbs, put on warm socks, and leave them overnight.

You can also buy a special foot cream for cracked heels with a moisturising, nourishing, and healing effect. The main difference between regular foot creams and foot creams for dry heels and cracked heels is that the latter are richer and contain more hydrating, emollient, skin softening, and regenerative ingredients.

Common ingredients in foot creams for dry skin and cracked heels include natural vegetable oils, panthenol and allantoin, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, natural plant extracts, hydrolysed collagen and/or wheat protein, urea (carbamide). These creams have well-balanced formulations, which ensure that the skin of your feet receives all the care it needs.

Special foot creams nourish and moisturise the skin, stimulate its regeneration and speed up the healing of cracks, help to slough off dead cells and boost skin renewal, and prevent rough skin by helping to retain moisture in the epidermis. As a result, you will notice positive changes shortly after starting to use them on a regular basis.

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