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Organic Kitchen Face Scrubs Organic Kitchen is a series of personal care products by the Russian beauty brand Organic Shop. It comprises a wide array of face care products such as creams, masks, gel cleansers, soap, and scrubs. Each product is formulated with natural ingredients and is highly effective. Let us take a closer look at Organic Kitchen face scrubs.

Regular exfoliation of facial skin is an important cosmetic procedure. It helps to remove dirt, grime, excess sebum and dead epidermal cells, letting your skin breathe and speeding up skin renewal. There are different ways to exfoliate skin. Most women who prefer at-home beauty treatments to salon procedures regularly use face scrubs for exfoliation.

Facial scrubs are used for mechanical exfoliation. They contain small abrasive particles (micro-beads, crushed nut shells or apricot kernel, salt or sugar crystals, ground coffee, berry seeds) that literally scrub dead epidermal cells off the skin. Besides its primary function, mechanical exfoliation helps to stimulate microcirculation and cellular respiration.

A good scrub must contain abrasive particles that are effective and at the same time gentle so that they don't damage you skin. A lot of women prefer mild face scrubs with natural abrasive particles that effectively remove dead cells without drying the skin or causing irritation.

Organic Kitchen offers three facial scrubs formulated with herbal ingredients. They contain natural exfoliating particles such as sea salt, strawberry seeds and cane sugar, crushed organic pistachios, pine nut shell powder, almond shell powder, dried powdered herbs. The scrubs are enriched with nourishing, moisturising and regenerating natural ingredients (herbal extracts, vegetable and essential oils, berry juices).

Pistachio Mafia Polishing Face Scrub

This Organic Kitchen face scrub is formulated with walnut oil, sweet almond powder, ground organic pistachios and Siberian pine nut shell powder. This combination of ingredients allows the scrub to cleanse and rejuvenate your skin really effectively. Regular use of the product helps to improve skin elasticity and makes your skin soft and silky smooth.

Natural ingredients contained in the scrub delicately remove dead skin cells, stimulate microcirculation in the skin and trigger natural regenerative mechanisms. The product is enriched with fresh soy milk that additionally nourishes and moisturises the skin, stimulates its regeneration and rejuvenation.

Marshmallow Softening Face Scrub

This scrub has a very delicate effect on your skin. It removes dead epidermal cells thanks to strawberry seeds and tiny crystals of cane sugar. The product is infused with raspberry juice that provides your skin with vitamins and other nutrients. It also contains cranberry oil that has antioxidant properties and thus prevents premature skin ageing. Cranberry seed oil moisturises and soothes the skin, relieves irritation and inflammation.

This fruity face scrub makes the skin silky smooth, nourishes and softens it. It effectively stimulates skin regeneration and rejuvenation. The product has a light texture and pleasant, sweet but not too sweet scent that transform your regular face care routine into a luxurious beauty ritual which gives you a powerful mood boost.

Smiling Princess Refreshing Dry Face Scrub

This scrub is different from other Organic Kitchen exfoliants because it is a dry facial scrub. It doesn't contain any water, glycerol, emulsifiers, etc. Its only ingredients are salt, papaya flower powder, lemon balm leaf powder, lemongrass extract, muskmelon seed oil and natural fragrance.

The scrub effectively cleanses the skin, makes it smooth, fresh and glowing. It has a powerful energising effect and improves skin elasticity. The scrub is easy to apply with wet fingertips. You can also mix it with some cosmetic carrier oil or natural yoghurt for additional nutrition, hydration and conditioning.

All Organic Kitchen facial scrubs are free of synthetic preservatives, colourants and surfactants. They are easy to use, last long and are packaged in compact and convenient jars. Organic Kitchen products are also affordable so you can pamper your skin with high-quality and natural care even when you're on a tight budget. Our online shop Organic Store offers Organic Kitchen face scrubs and other products at a reasonable price. All you have to do is pick the items you like from our catalog and submit your order!

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