Organic Kitchen Foot Creams

Organic Kitchen foot creams Regular foot care helps to prevent many problems such as corns, callouses, rough and cracked heels, fungal infection etc. A good foot cream will keep your feet soft, smooth and beautiful. Organic Store presents Organic Kitchen foot creams produced by the well-known natural and organic cosmetic brand Organic Shop. They are formulated with nourishing oils, refreshing herbal extracts and juicy fruit pulp.

To keep your feet perfectly soft and smooth, you need to cleanse, nourish and moisturise the skin of your feet. At least once a week, you need to use foot scrub to remove dead epidermal cells and prevent callouses. Regular foot baths help to cope with sore feet and do a good pedicure. And special creams are perfect for daily foot care.

Organic Kitchen offers a series of natural foot creams. The manufacturer has combined valuable plant ingredients to create effective complexes that take gentle yet effective care of your skin. As a result, each Organic Kitchen foot cream has a good reputation and is popular among consumers that value high quality and natural personal care products.

Each of the three Organic Kitchen creams is a product that has several advantages: natural ingredients, no synthetic colourants and preservatives, light texture, natural scent, compact packaging. These creams last long, are easy to spread and absorb really quickly without leaving your skin sticky. Besides, these creams are affordable, which proves one more time that natural cosmetics don't have to be expensive. Organic Kitchen offers a refreshing cream, a nourishing cream and a moisturising cream.

Warm Socks Nourishing Foot Cream

This nourishing foot cream is formulated with rose bud extract and organic Arctic raspberry extract. Rose bud extract has a pronounced regenerative effect and effectively prevents callouses and corns, keeping your skin soft and smooth. Arctic raspberry extract contained in the cream has a moisturising and soothing effect.

Organic Kitchen's Warm Socks Foot Cream is enriched with shea butter, date seed oil and cinnamon oil. These oils penetrate deep into your skin, providing it with nutrients. They stimulate microcirculation, hydrate and soften the skin. Cinnamon oil has a warming effect.

Ice Dancing Refreshing Foot Cream

This cream is formulated with organic blue orchid extract and German iris root oil. It effectively refreshes and energizes the skin of your feet, helps to cope with sore feet and get rid of the unpleasant sensation of heaviness.

Due to orchid extract, this Organic Kitchen refreshing foot cream strengthens capillary walls, relieves fatigue and gives a sensation of lightness. Iris root oil makes your skin noticeably softer and smoother, deeply nourishes and hydrates it. The effect of the two key ingredients is enhanced by olive oil, key lime oil and menthol.

Juicy Persimmon Moisturising Foot Cream

This moisturising foot cream is formulated with ripe, juicy Hawaiian persimmon and organic black mulberry. It gently cares for the skin of your feet, making it soft and smooth. The cream contains active ingredients that not only moisturise your skin but they also help to retain moisture within.

Persimmon contained in the cream effectively nourishes the skin, speeds up the healing of minor skin injuries and has a softening effect. It also helps to protect your feet from aggressive external factors. Black mulberry provides the skin with vitamins and other nutrients, helps to keep it healthy and well-groomed. The cream is enriched with sweet almond oil and murumuru butter. These vegetable oils nourish and hydrate your skin, stimulate skin cell regeneration.

Our online shop Organic Store offers a wide selection of Organic Kitchen products such as foot creams, face creams, hand creams, face masks, cleansing gels. All products are free of parabens, SLS, synthetic colourants and preservatives. To buy Organic Kitchen personal care products, just pick the items you like from our catalogue and submit your order. Our manager will contact you to discuss the details.

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