Organic Kitchen Cleansing Gels

Organic Kitchen Cleansing Gels Organic Kitchen is a series of personal care products by the Russian beauty brand Organic Shop. It has been launched relatively recently, but Organic Kitchen products are already quite popular among consumers. The series comprises over a hundred various products for skin, hair and body care. Today, let us take a closer look at Organic Kitchen face cleansing gels for all skin types.

All cosmetic products branded as Organic Kitchen are formulated with natural ingredients. They are designed to take effective yet delicate care of your face, body, hands, feet and hair. Organic Kitchen products are free of aggressive surfactants, synthetic colourants, preservatives and fragrances.

The series includes facial cleansing gels formulated with combinations of plant-derived ingredients such as organic lemon balm honey and fresh acai berries, organic cocoa butter and fresh coconut milk, organic white lily and fresh frangipani (plumeria) juice. Due to the high content of natural ingredients, these gels not only cleanse your skin from dirt and grime, they also have a moisturising, nourishing, energising and rejuvenating effect.

Face Bestseller Cleansing Face Gel

This Organic Kitchen cleansing gel is designed for deep cleansing. It helps to unclog the pores and penetrates deep into them, removing dirt and grime. The gel has soothing and rejuvenating properties, it relieves irritation and makes your skins softer.

Organic Kitchen's Face Bestseller cleansing gel is formulated with organic Madonna lily flower water, white plumeria (frangipani) juice, hyssop oil and witch-hazel leaf water. These natural plant ingredients provide your skin with vitamins and other nutrients, have an anti-inflammatory and regenerative effect, make your skin soft and silky smooth, improve skin elasticity and speed up the healing of minor skin injuries.

Chocolate Muffin Nourishing Cleansing Face Gel

This Organic Kitchen products is designed to nourish your skin and prevent dehydration. It cleanses your face very gently and delicately without drying the skin or making it feel tight. The product provides your skin with nutrients and helps to restore its natural hydro-lipid balance.

Chocolate Muffin cleansing gel is formulated with organic cocoa butter which is considered one of the best cosmetic oils. Cocoa butter has a pronounced nourishing and moisturising effect. It stimulates epidermal cell regeneration, helps to make skin smoother and improves its elasticity. Besides, this oil helps to retain moisture.

The gel is enriched with coconut juice that enhances the moisturising and nourishing effect of cocoa butter. It also helps to protect your skin from dehydration and soothes it due to anti-inflammatory properties.

Magic Mirror Moisturising Cleansing Gel

This product was inspired by the story of Snow White: “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?” It is designed to actively hydrate dry and sensitive skin. The gel is formulated with ingredients that moisturise and soften the skin, helping to keep it young and beautiful.

Magic Mirror cleansing gel contains organic lemon balm honey that conditions the skin and helps to keep it well-groomed. Fresh acai berries help to keep your skin hydrated, make it softer and improve skin elasticity. The gel also contains tiare flower oil extract, also known as monoï oil. It has rejuvenating, moisturising, nourishing and softening properties and helps your skin to retain moisture.

All Organic Kitchen face gels have a thick texture and a light, pleasant scent. They are free of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLES (sodium laureth sulfate) and parabens.

You can find a wide array of Organic Kitchen skincare products, including face cleansing gels, in our online shop Organic Store. All products are packaged in small compact jars that won't take up much space in your bathroom or travel bag. We offer high-quality natural and organic cosmetics at reasonable prices and deliver orders internationally.

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