Northern Lights Hair Care Products by Natura Kamchatka

Northern Lights by Natura Kamchatka If you want your hair to remain clean and fresh as long as possible, you should choose the right hair care products (shampoo and conditioner). Quality hair care products effectively cleanse and condition your hair without weighing it down or making it look dull, greasy, etc. Natura Kamchatka presents Northern Lights shampoo and conditioner designed to keep your hair fresh.

Natura Kamchatka is a cosmetic series produced by the well-known Russian brand Natura Siberica. It comprises personal care products formulated with Kamchatka plants and minerals. These products have accumulated the tremendous healing potential given to northern plants by the harsh, yet generous nature of Kamchatka. Natura Kamchatka offers over 20 products and each of these products contains a fragment of the majestic and powerful nature of the faraway northern peninsula.

Each Natura Kamchatka product has a name that reminds of the unique nature of the Kamchatka Peninsula. For example, Northern Lights hair care products are designed to thoroughly cleanse the hair and keep it fresh. They are suitable for all hair types. Northern Lights shampoo and conditioner make your hair and scalp feel fresh and help to keep your hair clean for almost a week. These products contain a unique combination of valuable herbal extracts and oils which allows them to take excellent care of your hair.

One of the key ingredients of Northern Lights products is wild cloudberry seed oil. Cloudberry, also known as knotberry, is a herb native to cold regions. It is not widely cultivated and is primarily a wild plant. Cloudberry is remarkable for its high vitamin C content. It also contains other vitamins and biologically active substances. Cloudberry oil helps to maintain the hydro-lipid balance of the scalp, moisturises the hair and helps it to retain moisture, prevents brittle hair and gives your hair natural shine.

Another key ingredient contained in Northern Lights shampoo and conditioner is sea buckthorn. Sea buckthorn fruits have a very high vitamin C content, on average exceeding that of oranges and lemons. Vitamin C is an antioxidant, it neutralizes free radicals and helps to regulate sebum secretion. The effect of sea buckthorn is enhanced by Siberian dwarf pine oil. This oil has a refreshing effect on the hair and helps to repair damaged hair structure. It also nourishes and strengthens hair follicles, improves hair elasticity and flexibility.

Siberian juniper extract and peppermint extract help to keep your hair fresh for a long time. However, they are valuable not only for their refreshing effect. These ingredients stimulate hair growth, strengthen hair roots and make the hair thicker and shinier. Regular use of shampoo and conditioner made with these herbal ingredients improves the health of your hair, making it look incredible!

Northern Lights hair care products by Natura Kamchatka are not only effective but also completely safe. Their ultra light formula is free of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLES (sodium laureth sulfate), parabens, silicone and other synthetic ingredients. The shampoo's detergent base is formulated with natural detergents derived from sea buckthorn oil. All herbal extracts and oils contained in both products are derived from wild harvested plants grown on the Kamchatka Peniunsula.

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