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Natura Kamchatka Shower Gels Natura Kamchatka is a special cosmetic series produced by the well-known Russian beauty brand Natura Siberica. It comprises over a dozen skin and hair care products formulated with natural ingredients. If you want to transform your everyday shower into a spa-like ritual, check out Natura Kamchatka shower gels. They will make your skin soft and silky smooth while their pleasant scent will give you a mood boost.

For many women, shower gel is a must have body care product that helps to keep their skin well-groomed. That is why they pay much attention to the choice of a good shower gel. High-quality shower gels are formulated with herbal extracts and vegetable and/or essential oils. They not only remove dirt, grim and dead epidermal cells but also help to make the skin soft and smooth, improve skin elasticity, have a refreshing effect, give you an energy boost or help to relax while taking a shower.

Natura Kamchatka shower gels may be your perfect choice if you're looking for a high-quality, natural, yet affordable shower gel. They have a number of important advantages. Firstly, these shower gels are infused with natural extracts and oils derived from Kamchatka plants. They preserve the whole range of nutrients contained in these plants due to very careful, yet effective extraction methods used by the specialists of Natura Siberica.

Secondly, Natura Kamchatka shower gels are free of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLES (sodium laureth sulfate), parabens, mineral oils and synthetic fragrances. This means that they are safe for your health and highly unlikely to cause allergic reactions. The detergent base of the gels is made with mild surfactants derived from Siberian pine oil and sea buckthorn oil. All the useful properties of herbal ingredients are preserved due to natural food preservatives such as citric acid, while herbal extracts and essential oils give these gels a light, delicate flavour.

The third important advantage of Natura Kamchatka shower gels is their reasonable price. Natura Siberica's products are more affordable as compared to some other well-known cosmetic brands. The brand manages to keep its prices low because it doesn't have a huge advertising budget. Unlike mass market brands, natural and organic cosmetic brands don't need large scale advertising campaigns because the quality of their products speaks for itself and word of mouth is the best form of advertising.

Nanai Dance Energising Shower Gel

This Natura Kamchatka shower gel is formulated with schisandra (five-flavour berry) oil. Schisandra is considered one of the 50 fundamental herbs in traditional Chinese medicine. Its berries and seeds are used by the Nanai people in the Far East regions as a tonic, hence the name of the gel. This shower gel has an excellent refreshing and energising effect, it improves skin elasticity, makes your skin soft and smooth, helps to keep it hydrated.

Nanai Dance shower gel contains Siberian fur needle extract, Siberian pine needle extract, Siberian dwarf pine needle extract and a vitamin complex (vitamins A, E, F, PP, provitamin B5). These ingredients deeply nourish your skin, stimulate skin cell regeneration and have a healing and antioxidant effect. The product also contains organic meadowsweet extract known for its anti-inflammatory properties.

This Natura Kamchatka shower gel makes your skin squeaky clean without drying it and making it feel tight. It makes your skin soft and velvety smooth and gives it a light, fresh scent.

Blooming Tundra Moisturising Shower Gel

This shower gel is designed to intensively hydrate the skin. It is formulated with a combination of 5 valuable oils derived from Siberian flowers: Kamchatka snowdrop oil, Novosieversia glacialis oil, Siberian edelweiss oil, Siberian iris oil and Siberian bugseed oil. These oils are rich in essential fatty acids that actively nourish and hydrate your skin and help it to retain moisture. Regular use of the gel makes your skin incredibly smooth and glowing.

Blooming Tundra shower gel is enriched with valuable herbal extracts derived from Kamchatka plants such as Siberian columbine, garden violet, Siberian cortusa and Altai fescue. Natural oils and extracts contained in this gel improve skin elasticity and prevent dehydration by helping to retain moisture in skin cells.

The product has a very light and pleasant, flowery scent which remains on your skin. It contains only mild natural surfactants yet still lathers well. It can be rinsed easily and doesn't leave your skin sticky or dry. The gel lasts long and is packaged in a large, convenient tube with a well-fitting lid.

Shamanic Berries Nourishing Shower Gel

Shamanic Berries shower gel by Natura Kamchatka makes your skin smoother and improves its elasticity. It provides your skin with vitamins and gives it an energy boost. The product is formulated with a unique combination of 9 oils extracted from wild Taiga berries: cranberry, Arctic raspberry, common bilberry, cloudberry, sea buckthorn, juniper, schisandra (five-flavour berry) and kinnikinnick (bearberry).

These berries are extremely rich in vitamins and other nutrients. Due to its high content of active substances, the shower gel improves skin elasticity, stimulates microcirculation, helps to get rid of excess moisture without causing dehydration. It also stimulates skin renewal and makes your skin look glowing.

As you can see, Natura Kamchatka shower gels are more than worthy of your attention. You can find these shower gels and other personal care products by Natura Siberica in our online shop Organic Store. The healing power of wild Kamchatka plants will make your skin look well-groomed and glowing with health!

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