Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka Hair Conditioners

Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka Hair Conditioners A good hair conditioner should moisturise and nourish your hair, protect it from damage, prevent hair loss, make combing and styling easier. Beauty brands offer a wide array of conditioners for all hair types designed to cope with common hair problems. For example, the Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka series by Planeta Organica includes natural hair conditioners designed to combat hair loss and dandruff.

The Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka (also spelt Secrets of Kamchatka) line is produced by the well-known Russian brand Planeta Organica. Planeta Organica specialises in personal care products formulated with natural ingredients derived from plants grown all over the world, from South America to the Far East. The Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka series comprises over a dozen products that contain ingredients found on the Kamchatka Peninsula known for its harsh climate and high density of volcanoes. These ingredients include plant extracts, vegetable and essential oils, volcanic clay, sea mud, thermal mud, sea salt, etc.

Intensive Bio Hair Conditioner Against Hair Loss

The Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka series includes an anti-hair loss conditioner designed to prevent excessive hair loss. This conditioner is formulated with Kamchatka birch leaf extract. Its key active ingredients also include Sakhalin crowberry leaf extract, black chokeberry fruit extract, Siberian pine seed oil, linseed oil, organic nettle leaf extract and organic marshmallow extract.

Birch leaf extract has been used as a hair strengthening remedy in traditional medicine for centuries. Kamchatka birch grows in volcanic soil that is extremely rich in minerals and absorbs these minerals. That is why Kamchatka birch extract used in Secrets of Kamchatka products contains more minerals than regular birch extract. It helps to prevent hair loss and stimulates hair growth.

The strengthening effect of birch leaf extract is enhanced by Sakhalin crowberry leaf extract and black chokeberry fruit extract. These extracts deeply nourish hair follicles, providing them with essential vitamins and minerals, and thereby strengthen hair roots, stimulate hair growth, prevent excessive hair loss, brittle hair and split ends.

Siberian pine nut oil and linseed oil are rich in essential fatty acids. They also have a hair strengthening effect. Besides, these natural oils accelerate hair growth, make combing easier, prevent scalp dehydration and flaking, repair damaged hair structure along its entire length, help your hair to retain moisture.

Nettle extract is another active ingredient of plant origin that contributes to the combat against hair loss. It improves microcirculation in the scalp and strengthens hair follicles. Besides, nettle extract makes your hair shinier and helps to keep it clean and fresh for a long time.

Intensive Bio Hair Conditioner Against Dandruff

Anti-dandruff intensive bio conditioner by Secrets of Kam-Chat-Ka is formulated with thermal spring mud from Kamchatka's Apachinsk hot springs. This mud contains an impressive array of minerals and has a number of useful properties. It improves microcirculation in the scalp, actively strengthens hair follicles, prevents premature grey hair, combats dandruff and regulates sebum secretion.

The anti-dandruff effect of thermal mud contained in the conditioner is enhanced by sea salt harvested from the Pacific Ocean. The salt has antibacterial and anti-fungal properties, it eliminates bacteria and fungi responsible for dandruff formation. Besides, sea salt provides your scalp with essential minerals, which has a positive effect on the overall condition of you hair.

The conditioner also contains herbal extracts that have antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory properties derived from wild plants such as nettle, calendula, Icelandic moss, ginseng, lungwort, licorice, field mint, Arctic raspberry. These ingredients prevent the reappearance of dandruff, stimulate hair growth, improve hair elasticity, make your hair softer and shinier. Wheat germ oil contained in the product nourishes and hydrates your hair due to its high content of fatty acids.

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