YAKA Hair Care Products With Sea Buckthorn Oil

YAKA hair care with sea buckthorn Due to its rich composition, sea buckthorn oil is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. It contains unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins C, E, K and P, carotenoids and other useful substances, so there is no wonder that many beauty brands add sea buckthorn oil and/or extract to their products. For example, the Ukrainian brand YAKA offers a series of hair care products with sea buckthorn oil.

Sea buckthorn has been used by Eurasians as a medicinal plant since ancient times. It was first mentioned in the ancient Greek writings. The medicinal value of sea buckthorn was also recorded in China and in Tiberan medical texts. Common sea buckthorn is cultivated throughout Europe and in some parts of Asia. It is resistant to frost and wind, tolerates salty soils, that’s why it is widely grown as an agricultural plant and used as a medicinal herb and cosmetic ingredient.

The fruit of sea buckthorn are rich in vitamins. They contain carotenoids (primarily beta-carotene also known as provitamin A), B vitamins, vitamins C, E and K. Besides, sea buckthorn contains minerals such as calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, boron. The seeds and the pulp of the fruit are rich in oil characterised with high contents of unsaturated fatty acids. Sea buckthorn oil contains dense amounts of tocopherols and tocotrienols (vitamin E), plant sterols.

Sea buckthorn oil is more than just a concentrate of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. It also contains natural antibiotics that give the oil anti-inflammatory and bactericidal properties. As a personal care product, sea buckthorn oil is perfect for dry skin (it nourishes and moisturises the skin, improves its elasticity) and hair (nourishes and strengthens the hair, normalises sebum secretion, prevents excessive hair loss, dandruff and brittle hair). However, it’s rarely used undiluted because of its high content carotenoids which are pigments and thus can make the skin yellow.

Many beauty brands produce skin and hair care products with sea buckthorn oil. They are primarily designed for dry skin/hair, but some are suitable for all skin/hair types. The well-known Ukrainain brand YAKA (whose name is an abbreviation of “High-quality. Useful. Aromatherapeutic”) offers three hair care products with sea buckthorn that can take good care of your hair: a conditioning shampoo, a hair conditioner and a hair spray.

YAKA’s conditioning shampoo is specifically designed for dry and brittle hair. It is formulated with sea buckthorn oil and extract, birch leaf extract and burdock root extract. These natural ingredients are rich in vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. They strengthen your hair and improve its elasticity, prevent brittle hair and split ends, moisturise the scalp and prevent flaking, make your hair look healthy and well-groomed.

If you have dry and damaged hair that needs intensive care, check out YAKA’s Revitalizing Hair Conditioner with Keratin and Sea Buckthorn Oil. One of its active ingredients is hydrolysed keratin, the protein that is the key structural component of hair. Hydrolysed protein accumulates in the hair, repairing damaged hair structure. It makes your hair stronger, improves its elasticity and flexibility. Regular use of the conditioner makes your hair soft and silky. It also prevents your hair from tangling, makes combing and styling easier.

The effect of shampoos and conditioners is not instant, it takes some time for the change to become noticeable. If you need an instant effect, use Instant Repair Hair Spray with Sea Buckthorn Oil and Keratin. Of course, it won’t magically solve all your hair problems, it’s main task is to make your hair look well-groomed for the next several hours. The spray is designed to make your hair look silky and shiny, to detangle it and to make combing and styling easier.

Although the spray is primarily designed for instant care, it has a cumulative effect too. This effect is achieved due to keratin that accumulates in your hair and repairs its structure. And vitamins, minerals and unsaturated fatty acids contained in sea buckthorn oil provide your hair with the nourishment it needs.

You can buy YAKA hair care products with sea buckthorn oil in our online shop Organic Store. We offer a wide array of organic and natural personal care products that are free of SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate), SLES (sodium laureth sulfate), silicones, parabens, phthalates, synthetic fragrances, colourants and preservatives. Take care of your health and beauty with high-quality natural cosmetics!

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