Macadamia Hair by Dr. Sante

Macadamia Hair by Dr. Sante Macadamia oil (macadamia nut oil) is widely used as a cosmetic ingredient due to its emollient properties. Many beauty brands produce hair care products for dry, weak and damaged hair formulated with macadamia oil. For example, Dr. Sante, a well-known Ukrainian cosmetic brand, presents its Macadamia Hair series.

Dr. Sante is a beauty brand owned by the Ukrainian-Polish group of companies Elfa. It comprises several cosmetic series such as Argan Hair, Macadamia Hair, Camomile, Cucumber Balance Control, Aloe Vera, Baby, Liquid Silk and others. All Dr. Sante products are formulated with plant extracts, vegetable oils and other natural ingredients. The Macadamia Hair series is specifically designed to repair damaged hair structure and protect your hair from harmful environmental factors.

Macadamia oil is expressed from then nut meat of the macadamia tree, a native Australian nut. It is known for its restorative and revitalising properties and thus is used to take care of damaged hair. Macadamia nut oil penetrates deep into hair shafts and strengthens them from within. Regular use of hair care products with macadamia oil makes the hair tamer, healthier and shinier. This oil is perfect for hair damaged by colouring, bleaching, perming, blow-drying or hot styling.

Macadamia oil is not the only key ingredient contained in Dr. Sante’s Macadamia Hair series. These products also contain hydrolysed keratin. Keratin is the key structural component of hair. This protein is responsible for the strength, elasticity, flexibility and healthy shine of your hair. Hair care products enriched with hydrolysed keratin help to repair damaged hair structure and restore the natural health and beauty of your hair.

A blend of vegetable oils always works better than an isolated oil because different oils complement and enhance each other’s effects. That is why Dr. Sante’s products are enriched with coconut oil, olive oil and moringa oil. Each of these oils is an effective cosmetic ingredient, but when they are combined their effect is amplified. Natural oils provide your hair with essential fatty acids, help it to retain moisture and protect it from harmful environmental factors. They have a revitalising effect and actively nourish your hair without weighing it down or making it look greasy.

The Macadamia Hair series by Dr. Sante comprises five products that take complete care of your hair and keep it healthy: a shampoo, a conditioner, a mask, an oil, and a spray. Each of the products performs its particular tasks and is most effective when combined with the rest of the series. The shampoo cleanses your hair, the conditioner makes it tamer and easier to style, the mask provides deep nourishment, the oil is designed to keep the hair hydrated and make it shinier, and the leave-in spray can be used for instant repair and styling.

Let us elaborate on the benefits of Dr. Sante Macadamia Hair leave-in oil and spray for hair. The oil is formulated with a blend of macadamia oil, coconut oil, moringa oil and olive oil. It is designed to moisturise your hair and make it silky. This oil is very easy to use. All you have to do is rub a couple of drops between your palms and then apply the oil to wet or dry hair. The product doesn’t weigh your hair down or make it look greasy, so it doesn’t require rinsing. Applying the oil is a perfect finishing touch after conditioning your hair.

Macadamia Oil and Keratin Hair Spray by Dr. Sante is designed to give your hair healthy shine and make styling easier. If you have frizzy or unruly hair, apply some spray to make it tamer and softer. The product doesn’t dry your hair because it contains natural oils, but it doesn’t make it look greasy either. It can be applied on both dry and wet hair. You can sue the spray to freshen up your hair when you don’t have time to wash it.

You can find Dr. Sante’s Macadamia Hair series in our online shop Organic Store and buy any of the products or even the whole series at an affordable price. You can also take a look at other personal care series by Dr. Sante such as Dr. Sante 0%, Argan Hair, Baby, Burdock Series, Camomile, and Cucumber Balance Control.

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