Solid Shampoos by Savonry

Solid Shampoos by Savonry Most people are so used to regular liquid shampoos, they don't even think that there are other kinds of shampoos such as solid shampoo. Solid shampoos look like soap bars. They are spill proof and easy to apply, thus they are perfect for travelling. Solid shampoos are produced by different cosmetic brands. For example, Savonry is a Russian beauty brand that offers all-natural products including solid shampoos.

In 1927, German inventor Hanz Schwarzkopf invented liquid shampoo. Since then, shampoos are typically produced in the form of a viscous liquid. Liquid shampoos have a number of advantages. They lather well and clean hair excellently. Unfortunately, manufacturers have to add thickeners, stabilisers, emulsifiers, preservatives and other essential ingredients to adjust the viscosity and ensure that their products have a long shelf life.

Solid shampoos, also known as shampoo bars, are different. They don't contain any water and thus to not require thickeners, stabilisers, emulsifier or preservatives. Shampoo bars are more like soap, but they are typically formulated with mild plant-derived surfactants that don't irritate the scalp or cause hair dehydration.

Solid shampoos are compact, spill-proof and easy to apply, they last long. High-quality shampoo bars are enriched with useful ingredients such as vegetable oils, essential oils and natural herbal extracts. Such shampoos are perfect for travelling for two reasons. Firstly, they don't take up much space. Secondly, they contain no liquid and thus won't spill. Besides, you can carry them in your hand luggage.

Solid shampoos by Savonry are handmade and contain 99.3% plant-derived ingredient. They are not tested on animals and do not contain parabens, synthetic oils and SLS (sodium lauryl sulfate). Each shampoo is formulated with a blend of valuable cosmetic oils (coconut oil, shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil, olive oil, sweet almond oil, burdock oil), hydrolysed milk protein and ginger root extract.

Savonry offers five shampoo bars for different hair types. Each of the brand's solid shampoos is designed to solve a common hair problem. There is a nourishing shampoo, a moisturising shampoo, a strengthening shampoo, a rejuvenating shampoo, a refreshing shampoo. Let as take a closer look at each of solid shampoos by Savonry.

Aquamarine Shampoo Bar

This shampoo is designed to nourish your hair and make it softer. The product is enriched with horse chestnut extract. It provides your hair with nutrients, stimulates hair growth and prevents excessive hair loss. The shampoo intensively moisturises the hair, makes it stronger and softer, improves hair elasticity and flexibility. Regular use of the product will restore your hair's natural healthy shine.

Carnival Shampoo Bar

This is a nourishing and moisturising shampoo which is perfect for dry hair. It is formulated with mango extract and sea buckthorn oil. The product helps to make your hair less brittle, repairs damaged hair structure from roots to ends, makes the hair softer, tamer and shinier. It helps to make combing and styling easier, helps your hair to retain moisture, protects it from harmful environmental factors and enhances hair elasticity and flexibility.

Symphony of Freshness Shampoo Bar

This solid shampoo is Savonry has a toning effect on hair and scalp and helps to keep your hair fresh. It contains cucumber extract and Norway spruce leaf extract that have a pronounced refreshing effect. The shampoo fills your hair with strength and energy, restores its natural shine, makes your hair feel lighter and keeps it clean for a long time. Besides, the product contains natural antiseptic ingredients and thus helps to prevent dandruff.

Black Velvet Shampoo Bar

This shampoo is designed to repair and revitalise damaged hair. Its key ingredients are coffee oil and beggarticks (bidens) extract. They help to take good care of weak and damaged hair. The shampoo repairs and strengthens your hair from roots to ends and reduces hair loss. It also has a conditioning and soothing effect on the scalp, helps to moisturise it and prevents dryness, itching and flaking.

Chocobella Shampoo Bar

This slid shampoo is designed to make your hair stronger and give it extra volume. Its active ingredients include cocoa butter and birch bark and leaf extract. They help to revitalise dry, dull and weak hair, restore its natural strength and shine. Birch extract regulates sebum secretion and thus prevents dandruff and helps to keep your hair fresh and clean.

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