Blackhead Fighting Facial Scrub by YAKA

Blackhead Fighting Facial Scrub by YAKA Open comedones, also known as blackheads, are a common cosmetic problem caused by increased sebum secretion. Unlike closed comedones, they rarely get inflamed, but they don’t look very nice. One of the ways to remove and prevent blackheads is regular exfoliation with special facial scrubs such as Blackhead Fighting Facial Scrub by YAKA.

Basically, a comedo is a hair follicle clogged with sebum and dead epidermal cells. It can be open (blackhead) or closed by skin (whitehead). Blackheads are black due to oxidation rather than poor hygiene. When sebum mixed with skin debris comes in contact with oxygen, it causes the production of melanin, a dark natural pigment that determines skin, hair and eye colour. So blackheads are black because of the high melalin content.

Most often, open comedones occur in the so-called T-zone (the forehead, nose and chin) because this area has more sebaceous glands than the rest of your face. The occurrence of blackheads is affected by a number of factors which include genetic predisposition, the peculiarities of your body (especially the endocrine system because sebum secretion is affected by hormones), make-up and skincare products you use, etc.

The best way to remove blackheads and prevent them from reoccurring is to use special pore-cleansing products such as strips or scrubs. Anti-blackhead facial scrubs help to remove dead epidermal cells and excess sebum before they clog your pores and cause comedones.

Anti-blackhead face scrubs should meet special requirements. Firstly, such scrubs should contain very small exfoliating particles that can effectively unclog the pores. Secondly, anti-blackhead scrubs should not contain comedogenic ingredients, i.e. cosmetic ingredients that might clog pores. Blackhead Fighting Facial Scrub by YAKA meets both requirements.

YAKA us a Ukrainian natural cosmetic brand owned by TOV (Ukrainian equivalent of LLC) Remos. The company was founded over ten years ago. Originally, it produced handmade soap. Over the years, it has significantly expanded its range of products. Currently, the company offers several product lines such as Cosmetic Series, Organic Series, Daily Care Series, Green Care Series, etc. Its anti-blackhead face scrub belongs to the brand’s Pharmaceutical Series that is designed to cope with common skin problems such as comedones, acne, flaking, etc.

YAKA’s Blackhead Fighting Facial Scrub is formulated with Japanese pagoda tree extract and aloe vera leaf juice. Japanese pagoda tree (Sophora Japonica) extract is derived from the buds of the tree. It is rich in flavonoids, especially rutin. Flavonoids are known for their antioxidant properties. Some of them (including rutin) also have an anti-bacterial effect.

Japanese pagoda tree extract provides a bactericidal effect which is very important for an anti-blackhead scrub. Bactericidal ingredients prevent the inflammation of comedones and thus help to prevent acne. Becides, Japanese pagoda tree extract speeds up the healing of minors skin injuries and prevents premature skin ageing due to its ability to neutralize the negative effects of free radicals.

Aloe vera leaf juice is widely used as a cosmetic ingredient thanks to its moisturising and soothing properties. Exfoliation with a scrub, even the most gentle one, is stress for your skin. Aloe vera leaf juice soothes the skin, provides it with moisture and helps to keep the skin hydrated. That’s why YAKA’s anti-blackhead scrub doesn’t cause skin dehydration, irritation, or flaking.

Exfoliating particles contained in the scrub remove dead skin cells gently, yet effectively. Regular use of the scrub will help you to get rid of blackheads in less than a month. However, we suggest that you keep on using the scrub regularly as a precaution to prevent comedones from re-emerging. You should use the product once or twice a week, depending on your skin type.

How to use anti-blackhead facial scrub properly? Apply some scrub to wet skin and massage gently, paying special attention to the T-zone. If you have dry or combination skin, massage for no more than a minute. If you have oily skin, you can massage for 2 or 3 minutes. Then rinse the scrub with warm water and apply nourishing or moisturising cream, desirably from YAKA’s Pharmaceutical Series.

You can buy Blackhead Fighting Facial Scrub and other cosmetics by YAKA in our online shop Organic Store. We offer a wide range of natural and organic cosmetic products made in Russia, Ukraine, Italy, India, Spain, Germany, the USA, and other countries at affordable prices and deliver internationally.

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