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Dr. Sante Baby Baby skin is very sensitive and prone to allergic reactions, that’s why regular skin care products are unsuitable for it as they might contain potential irritants. Luckily, many manufacturers offer special lines of baby care products formulated with mild and safe ingredients. For example, Ukrainian-Polish group of companies Elfa has launched its Dr. Sante Baby brand for you to take care of your baby’s delicate skin.

From the first days of his or her life, your baby gets to know this world through touch. It is very important that you don’t prevent your baby from discovering the world but make this process as safe as possible. For this, you need to protect the infant’s skin from harmful environmental factors, provide delicate cleansing, moisturising and nourishment, and prevent allergic reactions which can manifest themselves as skin redness, itching, flaking, etc.

Personal care products by Dr. Sante Baby are designed to solve all these tasks and even more. They are formulated with safe, natural ingredients, many of which are plant-derived. These products are hypoallergenic and comply with environmental standards, which makes them really safe for infants. You can use them from the very first days of your baby’s life.

The Dr. Sante Baby line includes baby creams (including a diaper cream), liquid soap, gentle shampoos, delicate body lotions, and relaxing bath foams and foaming washes. All products are free of potentially irritating ingredients such as mineral oils, parabens, colourants, and aggressive surfactants such as SLS/SLES (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate).

Dr. Sante’s baby creams contain phytosqualane derived from olive oil. Phytosqualale is a natural emollient that has been used as a cosmetic ingredient since the 1950s. It is not an irritant. This ingredient helps to maintain the natural hydro-lipid balance of your baby’s skin. The brand’s liquid soap and body lotion cleanse the skin very softly and gently without disturbing its natural pH balance. Gentle foaming wash and shampoo are perfect for washing your baby’s hair and will never cause tears.

Baby care products by Dr. Sante Baby are formulated with hydrolysed milk and wheat protein, and olive oil. Hydrolysed milk protein has an anti-inflammatory effect, hydrolysed wheat protein helps to keep the skin hydrated and makes combing easier by preventing the hair from getting tangled. Olive oil provides the skin with vitamins and other nutrients (it is especially rich in vitamin E known for its antioxidant properties), it protects the skin and hair from harmful environmental factors.

Dr. Sante’s baby shampoo, foaming wash, and bath foam are formulated with a natural detergent base derived from amino acids contained in apple juice (patented ingredient Proteol™APL). That’s why they are mild, gentle and hypoallergenic. These products will make your baby’s skin soft, smooth and moisturised. They don’t dry the hair and prevent it from getting tangled. The products are free of any aggressive ingredients, so even if they accidentally get in the baby’s eyes, everything will be okay. Due to their “no tears” formula, they don’t sting the eyes.

Hypoallergenic properties and effectiveness of products branded as Dr. Sante Baby are confirmed by dermatological testings carried out by the Dr. Koziej Research Center (Poland). Their compliance with environmental standards is confirmed by the Green Planet certification sign that you can see on the packaging. So if you really care about your baby’s well-being, check out baby care products by Dr. Sante Baby. They will help to keep your baby healthy and protect his or her skin and hair.

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