African Black Soap by Nubian Heritage

African Black Soap by Nubian Heritage American brand Nubian Heritage is known for its 100% natural soaps formulated with shea butter. Among its bestseller products is African Black Bar Soap. This unusual soap is popular among millions of consumers all over the world due to its unique composition and wide range of useful properties. What are the main benefits of African Black Soap by Nubian Heritage?

Black soap is a legendary personal care product that originates in West Africa. For hundreds and hundreds years, the inhabitants of this region have been making this soap by hand, using the ash of locally harvested African plants, which gives the soap its signature dark colour. Black soap is typically made by women who use secret family or community recipes that have been passed down from generation to generation. They take palm tree leaves and plantain skins, sun-dry them and then burn them to ash. The ash is mixed with water and various oils and fats, such as shea butter and cocoa butter.

African black soap has a wide array of useful properties. It not only cleanses the skin very efficiently, but protects it from harmful environmental factors, accelerates the healing of minor skin injuries, relieves inflammation and irritation, combats acne and changes of pigmentation. Besides, the soap has light exfoliating properties as it contains tiny solid particles of natural ingredients that act as abrasives and help to remove dead epidermal cells from the skin surface.

Despite the impressive diversity of modern cosmetic products, the ancient recipe of traditional African black soap has not been forgotten. The soap is still made in West Africa, and especially Ghana, where it is fair-traded. Besides, some European and American manufacturers have started to produce it, combining ancient recipes with modern technology and using fair trade ingredients. For example, Nubian Heritage’s African black soap was launched by two Liberian-born former students who wanted to introduce their community in New York to the healing traditions of this unique product.

Nubian Heritage was founded in 1992 by Nyema Tubman and Richelieu Dennis. Having graduated from Babson College, Massachusetts, they couldn’t return to Liberia due to civil war and struggled to find a job in New York. They partnered with with Richelieu’s mother, Mary, and began hand crafting traditional African soaps and selling them as street vendors in Harlem. Over the years, their small enterprise has grown to become a well-known cosmetic brand that combines culturally authentic practices and ancient healing wisdom with modern wellness solutions. The brand supports fair trade, working with over 700 women in Northern Ghana who are their partners and not just suppliers.

Although today African black soap is produced by many brands, Nubian Heritage’s product is really special, and not just because of the company’s ethical approach. The secret lies in its unique recipe that combines ancient traditions and authentic ingredients with the latest achievements of modern pharmacology and cosmetology.

The base of African Black Soap by Nubian Heritage is formulated with palm ash, plantain peel, tamarind extract and shea butter. The cleansing and soothing properties of plantain peel, palm ash and tamarind extract are combined with the hydrating and nourishing properties of shea butter. The list of traditional ingredients is complemented with natural aloe vera leaf juice that has pronounced moisturising and soothing properties, vitamin E (topopherol) known for its antioxidant effect that helps to prevent premature skin ageing, and ground oats that gently exfoliate your skin, helping to remove dead cells, dirt and grime.

African Black Bar Soap by Nubian Heritage is suitable for all skin types, but the product is especially good for taking care of combination, oily, problem or sensitive skin. It has healing and antibacterial properties, prevents photo-ageing, and minimizes the appearance of superficial skin imperfections, making your skin look healthy and radiant. The soap doesn’t dry or irritate the skin, leaving it hydrated, soft and silky smooth.

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