1000 Herbs Foot Creams

1000 Herbs Foot Creams Russian company “Pervoe Reshenie” (“First Solution”) presents its 1000 Herbs cosmetic line where useful properties of medicinal plants are combined with the latest achievements of the contemporary cosmetic industry. The line includes foot creams which will help you to forget about common problems such as calloused heels, sore feet, excessive sweating, etc. All creams are formulated with herbal extracts.

Soaking your feet in a basin of water with added herbal infusion is a great way to make your feet relax and cope with some common problems. All you need to do is choose the right herb or a blend of herbs. For example, chamomile and calendula accelerate the healing of minor skin injuries, oak bark helps to cope with excessive sweating, mint and sage relieve fatigue and swelling. The list can go on and on because there are hundreds of medicinal herbs, and each of these herbs has a whole array of useful properties.

However, a foot bath requires time, which we often feel the lack of. Besides, not many people are willing to stock up on all kinds of medicinal herbs they might need at some point. That’s why the specialists of “Pervoe Reshenie” have created a line of 1000 Herbs foot creams, where the healing properties of medicinal plants are used for efficient daily foot care.

1000 Herbs foot creams are formulated with natural herbal extracts known for their healing, softening, antibacterial, toning, anti-inflammatory, rejuvenating, revitalizing, soothing, refreshing, and other properties. Some of the plants used in these creams include hops, lingonberry, dandelion, chamomile, mountain ash (rowan), mountain arnica, lemon balm, sage, lavender, rosemary, mint, anise, basil, lime (linden), and others. The creams also contain vegetable oils that provide the skin with vitamins and other nutrients, as well as essential oils known for their antibacterial properties and pleasant scent.

The 1000 Herbs line includes four foot creams, each of which performs a particular task. For example, Daily Care Foot Cream is designed to take daily care of the skin of your feet, just like its name suggests. The cream is formulated with rowan, mountain arnica, iris, grey alder, yarrow, lemon balm, sage, schisandra, St. John’s wort, and barberry oil. The product contains all useful substances necessary for efficient daily foot care. It actively nourishes and moisturises the skin, softens it and prevents callouses.

If the skin of your feet is prone to getting dry and rough, you need Nourishing Foot Cream that will keep it smooth and hydrated. The cream contains extracts derived from lingonberry, hops, dandelion root, elecampane, crowberry, plantain, and chamomile. The product is also enriched with schisandra oil, shea butter, Siberian pine oil, and oatmeal water. Due to the high content of ingredients rich in vitamins and other nutrients, the cream intensively nourishes the skin and keeps it from getting rough. If you use it regularly, the skin of your feet will always be soft and silky smooth.

No one enjoys the sensation of sore and swollen feet at the end of a long working day. Fatigue Relieving Foot Cream by 1000 Herbs helps to cope with this problem. The product contains lavender extract, rosemary extract, sage extract and peppermint oil. These natural ingredients have a soothing and refreshing effect and help to reduce swelling. Another important ingredient contained in the cream is horse chestnut extract, it is known for its ability to prevent varicose veins. Birch leaf extract, hops extract, mountain arnica extract, horsetail extract, anise extract, and St. John’s wort extract have a softening and toning effect.

Finally, if you need to soften rough heels, you need Soft Heels Foot Cream that has a pronounced moisturising, softening and rejuvenating effect. It makes the skin incredibly soft and prevents cracked heels. The key ingredient of the cream is floral wax that helps to make your heels noticeably softer and keeps the skin hydrated. Chamomile extract, beggarticks extract and plantain extract accelerate the healing of minor cracks and other injuries. Extracts derived from basil, meant, rosemary, lime blossom, Siberian dwarf pine, mountain ash and angelica have a toning effect and stimulate skin regeneration.

All 1000 Herbs Foot Creams are free of parabens, mineral oils, synthetic colourants, fragrances and preservatives, and other potentially irritating and unsafe ingredients. Each cream contains certified organic herbal extracts. You can buy foot creams and other personal care products by 1000 Herbs (hand creams, hair conditioners, shampoos) in our online shop Organic Store. Pamper your feet with high-quality and affordable natural creams!

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