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Natura Kamchatka Body Creams Some people pay much attention to taking care of their face and hands, but forget that the skin of their body needs it, too. Proper body care routine includes regular use of a moisturiser that helps to keep the skin nourished and hydrated, prevents premature skin ageing, stretch marks and cellulite. Natura Kamchatka body creams will take good care of your skin, providing it with vitamins and other nutrients.

The nature of the Kamchatka Peninsula is unique. Due to the harsh conditions caused by Kamchatka’s subarctic climate and volcanic activity, local plants have to actively accumulate nutrients in order to survive. Thus, juices, oils and extracts derived from wild-growing Kamchatka plants are remarkable for their high biological activity, which makes them great cosmetic ingredients, especially when it comes to rejuvenating and anti-age products.

Kamchatka plants aren’t the only source of valuable cosmetic ingredients. The peninsula is also known for its volcanoes and hot springs. Due to thousands of years of volcanic activity, the water of Kamchatka hot springs, thermal mud and volcanic clay are extremely rich in minerals. A unique blend of minerals contained in the water from Kamchatka hot springs has a positive effect on skin and hair. That’s why personal care products by Natura Kamchatka are formulated with thermal water. Some of them are enriched with thermal mud or volcanic clay for a more pronounced effect.

Natura Kamchatka is a cosmetic line produced by the well-known Russian brand Natura Siberica. It includes a wide array of personal care products including body creams, shower gels, foot creams, hand creams, shampoos, hair conditioners, hair masks, body scrubs, and more. Among these products, there are three body creams: a moisturising cream, a nourishing cream, and a rejuvenating cream.

Forest Energy Nourishing Body Cream is the perfect choice for ageing skin. This light cream contains a blend of twelve oils derived from wild Sibeian plants and white honey extract, providing your skin with essential fatty acids, vitamins and other nutrients. It helps to keep your skin hydrated and has a toning effect.

Although the cream is rich in vegetable oils, it has a very light texture and absorbs almost instantly. It doesn’t make your skin feel sticky or greasy, making it soft and supple. You can even use it in summer instead of a lotion or another light moisturiser. This cream will fit perfectly into your morning routine. It will keep your skin hydrated after the morning shower as well as give you a powerful mood boost due to its fresh herbal scent.

Taiga Juice Moisturising Body Cream is formulated with five juices extracted from Siberian berries and Kamchatka thermal water. It deeply moisturises the skin and keeps it hydrated all day long as well as provides your skin with vitamins and minerals. The cream has a very light texture and a pleasant berry scent which will make you fall in love with this product.

The product is formulated with a blend of juices derived from Arctic cranberry, lingonberry, mountain ash, sea buckthorn and cloudberry. Together, they have a lifting effect on your skin. If you use the cream regularly, it will improve your skin’s elasticity and prevent premature skin ageing. Vitamins and minerals contained in the cream nourish the skin.

Amur Diamond Rejuvenating Body Cream contains caviar extract and laminaria (kelp) extract known for their rejuvenating and moisturising properties. They help to slow down the ageing process by stimulating collagen synthesis and skin cell regeneration. This cream has a thicker texture than the previous two, which helps to protect the skin from harmful environmental factors.

If you use this cream regularly, your skin will become softer and smoother. The product improves skin elasticity, prevents stretch marks and cellulite, protects the skin from clothing-related irritation. It has a cumulative effect, so the longer you use it, the better your skin looks.

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