The Basics of Fall Hand Care

Fall Hand Care Basics As soon as autumn starts and the weather begins to turn cold, the skin of your hands is the first to be affected by environmental factors such as cold, harsh wind, and changes in humidity. That’s why fall hand care is different from summer hand care. Here are the basics of fall hand care that will help to keep the skin of your hands soft and supple.

The main factors that have an adverse effect on the skin of your hands during fall are cold temperatures, harsh cold winds and changes in air humidity (humid air outside due to rains and dry indoor air due to heaters being used). These factors make the skin of your hands dry and flaky, causing considerable discomfort.

The first signs of your skin being affected by harmful environmental factors are dryness and redness. If you don’t do anything about it, your skin might begin to flake or even crack. Micro cracks on the skin make your hands vulnerable to microbes which cause inflammation and free radicals that accelerate the ageing process. As a result, the skin loses its elasticity, softness and smoothness. It might become too rough or, on the contrary, too thin and sensitive. Is there anything you can do to prevent it?

To protect the skin of your hands and provide it with moisture and essential nutrients during autumn, you need a good fall hand care routine. For example, one of the main rules of fall hand care says "Wear your gloves wherever you go." Pick up a good pair of autumn gloves that aren’t too warm but can still protect your hands against cold and wind. Note that it is recommended that you put on and take off your gloves while you’re inside to avoid exposing your hands to sudden changes in temperature and humidity.

The second rule has to do with washing your hands. When you’ve just come in from the cold street, the idea of warming your hands under hot running water is very tempting. However, you shouldn’t do it because hot water will dry the skin of your hands out. The water should be slightly warm but not hot so that the temperature difference isn’t too great. It’s also advisable that you use high-quality soap with nourishing and moisturising properties enriched with glycerol, natural oils and herbal extracts.

Another rule of a good fall hand care routine: use hand cream as often as you need it. Of course, it is important that you choose high-quality hand cream suitable for your skin type and carefully follow the instructions. For example, moisturising and protective creams should be applied at least 40 minutes before going outside. Nourishing creams are most effective when used in the evening before you go to sleep. If the skin of your hands needs intensive nourishment, give them an overnight treatment by combining nourishing hand cream with special cotton gloves. Apply the cream, put the gloves on and go to sleep. The effect of this treatment will amaze you in the morning!

By the way, buying several creams may be a good idea. You should always have a small tube of hand cream in your purse to apply it after you wash your hands or whenever the skin of your hands starts feeling dry. Many brands offer their products (at least the most popular ones) in travel-sized tubes or bottles which are small and convenient to carry around.

If your skin is very sensitive and prone to dehydration, even regular use of nourishing and protective hand creams might be not enough for you. You should consider buying additional hand care products which will help to keep the skin of your hands conditioned. They include hand scrubs which help to remove dead epidermal cells, hand masks, etc. If you can afford regular salon treatment, go for it!

By the way, DIY hand masks with vegetable oils can be very effective. Natural oils are rich in fatty acids and other essential nutrients which help to keep the skin of your hands nourished and hydrated, make it soft and supple. Shea butter, cocoa butter, olive oil, almond oil, jojoba oil, coconut oil are great hand care products. You can choose any oil your like or make a blend of several oils. Heat the oil up so that it is warm but not hot, apply it to the skin of your hands, put a pair of cotton gloves on and let the oil absorb. For a visible effect, leave the oil on for at least 1–2 hours, but an overnight treatment will be even more effective.

If you stick to your fall hand care routine and don’t forget to wear your gloves, even the most terrible weather won’t be able to harm your skin. Our online shop Organic Store invites you to choose natural and organic hand creams, delicate hand soap, natural cosmetic oils, and other hand care products produced by reputable brands such as Organic Kitchen, 1000 Herbs, Green Pharmacy, Planeta Organica, YAKA, Granny Agafia’s Recipes, Dr. Sante, Natura Kamchatka, Organic Shop, Natura Siberica, and others. Take care of your hands with Organic Store!

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