BYLY Depil Gold: Hair Removal Products with Colloidal Gold

BYLY Depil Gold A lot of people, women and men alike, practice hair removal for its hygienic and aesthetic value. Times when shaving was the most widely used hair removal method are long gone, today many people prefer waxing or hair removal creams because these methods don’t cause cuts or ingrown hairs. If you’re looking for a high-quality depilatory cream or wax, check out the BYLY Depil Gold line with colloidal gold.

BYLY is a Spanish cosmetic brand that produces a wide range of personal care products including deodorants, hair removal products, foot care products, hand creams, and body lotions. The brand is best known for it hair removal creams and waxes that are popular both in Spain and abroad. Its depilatory products are enriched with natural ingredients such as aloe vera leaf juice, peach extract, papaya extract, mint extract, green tea extract, cocoa butter, cherry extract, raspberry extract, and colloidal gold.

Gold belongs to the so-called noble metals which means that it is resistant to corrosion and oxidation. It is first and foremost a precious medal widely used in jewellery and as an investment. However, it has other uses too. Gold compounds have been used for medicinal purposes historically and are still in use. For example, some gold salts are known for their anti-inflammatory properties. And colloidal gold preparations are used in research applications and as a cosmetic ingredient. But what is colloidal gold?

Colloidal gold is a colloidal suspension of gold nanoparticles in water or other fluid. There are different ways of producing gold nanoparticles. Generally, they are produced in a liquid by reduction of chloroauric acid which involves a reducing agent and a stabilizing agent. Also, gold colloids are sometimes synthesized by laser ablation in liquids. This method doesn’t require stabilizers. The resulting liquid is usually either an intense red or blue/purple colour. The colour depends on the size of particles.

Due to a range of unique properties, colloidal gold is used in a wide variety of areas, including electronics, nanotechnology, medical research, and cosmetic production. Gold nanoparticles suspensions are non-toxic, chemically stable and biocompatible. In cosmetic production, they are valued for their soothing and anti-ageing properties. Colloidal gold is believed to have anti-oxidant properties and to prevent premature skin ageing. Besides, gold nanoparticles are able to penetrate into the deeper layers of the epidermis, enhancing the effect of herbal extracts and other ingredients contained in cosmetics.

As the mission of BYLY is to create innovative, top-quality products designed to meet personal hygiene needs and contribute to well-being, the company uses the finest ingredients such as natural plant extracts and – you’ve probably already guessed – colloidal gold. The brand offers an entire line of hair removal products formulated with gold nanoparticles. The BYLY Depil Gold line includes hair removal strips, hair removal cream, professional wax, and roll-on wax.

BYLY Depil Gold products will help to make your skin perfectly smooth, providing a result that lasts for two to four weeks. Due to colloidal gold, they help to make your skin incredibly soft and keep it hydrated. These products are suitable for all skin types, but they are particularly recommended for sensitive skin. With them it is so easy to get smooth, soft, radiant skin naturally

One of the most popular products branded as BYLY Depil Gold is professional wax. It’s very easy to use even if you’ve never tried waxing before. BYLY’s wax can be heated in the microwave and it doesn’t require using cloth or paper strips. However, if you think you’re not quite ready for stripless waxing yet, you should check out BYLY’s roll-on wax. To use it, you need to attach the roll-on applicator to the wax container, heat the wax, spread it evenly with the help of the applicator, and then remove the wax using fabric strips. Or you can use hair removal strips with pre-applied wax if you don’t want to deal with heating the wax. Waxing has never been so easy! BYLY wax can be applied to all parts of the body, including sensitive areas such as armpits and pubic area.

If you don’t like waxing or can’t wax due to contraindications, BYLY offers an alternative. Its hair removal cream with gold particles helps to get rid of unwanted hair quickly and efficiently, making your skin smooth in just five minutes! The cream is enriched with moisturising ingredients that keep your skin hydrated and prevent dryness and irritation.

You can by BYLY Depil Gold products in our online shop Organic Store at reasonable prices. And while you’re browsing our catalogue, check out other hair removal products by BYLY enriched with natural ingredients (aloe vera leaf juice, cocoa butter, peach extract, papaya extract, and raspberry extract).

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