Savon de Planeta Organica Cosmetics with Natural Soap

Savon de Planeta Organica Cosmetics with Natural Soap The return to traditional skin and hair care products formulated with natural ingredients has been one of the major cosmetic trends lately. Planeta Organica actively supports it, offering a wide range of products made according to traditional recipes, of which some are hundreds of years old. For example, the brand’s Savon de Planeta Organica line is based on traditional soaps from all over the world.

Savon de Planeta Organica is one of Planeta Organica’s newest cosmetic lines. It was launched in September 2016. While developing these products, the specialists of Planeta Organica opted not to use synthetic surfactants and replaced them with traditional soaps that are made with natural ingredients. They are both effective and safe for your health and the environment.

Soaps used by Planeta Organica are typically called vegetable soaps or vegan soaps because they are made from fats or oils of vegetable origin and contain no animal fats. Such soaps produce a very light, airy lather that cleanses the skin and hair effectively yet very delicately without causing dehydration or irritation.

Personal care products branded as Savon de Planeta Organica are based on seven traditional soaps from different countries and regions. They are Aleppo soap, Castile soap, Marseille soap, Provence soap, African black soap, Egyptian milk soap, and Siberian pine soap. They are formulated with valuable vegetable oils (olive oil, coconut oil, sesame oil, shea butter, almond oil, avocado oil), essential oils (laurel oil, lavender oil), and herbal extracts.

Savon de Planeta Organica products include shampoos, hair conditioners, a delicate foaming facial cleanser, certified natural soaps, and shower gels. There are products for all skin and hair types. Each group of products is designed to solve specific tasks, for example, to prevent dandruff, to keep the skin and hair hydrated, to improve skin elasticity, etc.

For example, personal care products formulated with certified natural Castile soap are designed to nourish and soften the skin, to strengthen the hair, and to restore damaged hair structure along the entire length. They are based on saponified olive oil and coconut oil and infused with vanilla extract and palmarosa extract. Some of the products are enriched with other natural ingredients such as almond oil, sage essential oil, orange essential oil, and ylang-ylang essential oil.

Products with certified natural Provence soap are based on saponified olive oil and contain essential oils and extracts derived from the famous herbes de Provence (Provençal herbs) such as lavender, rosemary, oregano, and peppermint. They help to restore the natural shine and elasticity of your hair, soften your skin, provide a refreshing and moisturising effect. Planeta Organica’s products with Provence soap may additionally contain orange oil, bergamot oil, aloe vera leaf juice, angelica extract, and grape seed oil.

A series of products containing certified natural Marseille soap is specifically designed for dry and dehydrated skin and dry and weak hair. Marseille soap is similar to Provence soap, it is formulated with olive oil and sea water from the Mediterranean sea which is rich in essential minerals. Additional ingredients contained in Planeta Organica’s products with Marseille soap include verbena extract, lemongrass oil, rosemary oil, cedarwood oil, almond oil, amaranth oil, and more.

Savon de Alep is a cosmetic line based on 100% natural Aleppo soap native to Syria. Traditional Aleppo soap has been known since ancient times. It is noted for the inclusion of laurel oil in its formulation. Laurel oil has excellent antiseptic and soothing properties. Savon de Alep products effectively cleanse the skin and hair, improve skin elasticity and hair structure, prevent dandruff and common skin problems such as acne. Products with Aleppo soap are enriched with eucalyptus oil, ylang-ylang oil, peppermint oil, pomegranate extract, and other herbal extracts and essential oils.

Liquid soap, shower gel, shampoo and hair conditioner branded as Savon Noir are based on certified natural African black soap originating in West Africa, primarily Ghana. It is made from shea butter and the ash of locally harvested African plants. Black soap is an effective remedy for some skin problems. Planeta Organica’s products with African black soap deeply cleanse the skin, help to normalise sebum secretion, soothe the skin, accelerate the healing of minor skin injuries, and restore damaged skin structure. Savon Noir products are formulated with saponified shea butter and black cumin soap and enriched with vetiver oil, clove oil, cotton extract, bamboo extract, and aloe vera leaf juice.

Products based on Cleopatra’s soap are designed to make your skin silky smooth and prevent premature skin ageing, as well as to keep your hair strong and healthy. They make up the brand’s Savon de Cleopatra series. These products are formulated with saponified sesame oil and hydrolysed milk protein and enriched with floral honey, amaranth oil, oat extract, coconut water, and camellia oil. Note that these are the only products that are not certified vegan because they contain milk and honey.

Finally, Savon de Siberia is a line of personal care products formulated with certified natural Siberian pine soap. They help to maintain skin elasticity, enhance the volume of the hair, and keep your skin and hair conditioned. Siberian pine soap dates back to the XVI century, it used to be very expensive and exclusive. This soap is made of saponified Siberian pine nut oil and sea buckthorn oil. Additional ingredients include mountain ash seed oil, raspberry seed oil, lingonberry seed oil, juniper extract, and cedarwood oil.

Savon de Planeta Organica products have quickly become popular among consumers because of their high-quality natural ingredients, international quality certificates (certified natural and organic by ECOCERT, certified vegan by the Vegan Society), convenient packaging, safety and effectiveness. Check them out in our catalogue, give them a try and see for yourself how effective they are.

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