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Carrot Organic by Organic Naturally Professional Carrots are one of the most widely consumed vegetables and are an important source of carotene (provitamin A). But have you known that they can also be used as a cosmetic ingredient? Of course, we don’t mean carrot root, but rather carrot seed oil. For example, Russian cosmetic brand Organic Naturally Professional by Organic Shop has a special hair care line entitled Carrot Organic.

When they were first cultivated many centuries ago, carrots were grown for their aromatic leaves and seeds rather than their edible roots just like some of their relatives such as dill, parsley, cilantro and fennel. Carrot seeds contain essential oil rich in aromatic compounds and fatty oil noted for its high content of unsaturated fatty acids. Naturally, carrot seed oil also contains carotene.

Carrot seed oil is great for taking care of dry skin and hair. It has strong moisturising properties and an ability to stimulate sebum secretion. That’s why the Carrot Organic line by Organic Naturally Professional is specifically designed for dry, damaged and lifeless hair which needs intensive hydration and strengthening. Organic carrot seed oil is one of its key ingredients.

Organic Naturally Professional by Organic Shop is a professional quality hair care line designed to replace expensive salon treatment. It includes a shampoo, a hair conditioner and a hair mask which help to strengthen the hair, make it thicker and shinier, improve hair elasticity, and restore its natural shine.

Carrot Organic hair care products are formulated with a carefully selected blend of active ingredients. The most important one is organic carrot seed oil. This 100% natural oil nourishes hair follicles, stimulates hair growth and prevents hair loss. It helps to keep the hair hydrated and makes it look healthy and conditioned.

The effect of carrot seed oil is enhanced by other natural oils. Carrot Organic Shampoo contains sea buckthorn oil, the hair conditioner is enriched with linseed oil, and the hair mask is formulated with macadamia oil. Each of these oils is rich in essential fatty acids which help to keep your hair nourished and hydrated, restore its structure, and keep it protected.

However, vegetable oils are not enough to restore the structure of badly damaged and weakened hair. Hair care products branded as Carrot Organic by Organic Naturally Professional contain hydrolysed keratin known for its restorative properties. Keratin is a fibrous structural protein of which human hair is composed. Hydrolysed protein helps to repair damaged hair structure and makes the hair stronger and smoother.

Super Strengthening Carrot Bio Shampoo is formulated with hydrolysed keratin, while Super Strengthening Carrot Bio Mask contains hydrolysed silk protein. The combination of these two proteins allows to achieve the maximum effect and to restore your hair’s natural elasticity and healthy shine.

Vegetable oils and proteins aren’t the only natural ingredients contained in Carrot Organic by Organic Naturally Professional. These products also contain biotin, arginine, B vitamins, vitamin E (tocopherol), amino acid complex, ginseng extract, horse chestnut extract, and more. These ingredients help to strengthen the hair from roots to ends, stimulate keratin synthesis, protect the hair from harmful environmental factors, make it soft and smooth.

Carrot Organic products are free of SLS, SLES, silicones, parabens and other potentially irritating, allergenic or harmful synthetic ingredients. Professional quality cosmetics have been tested by dermatologists and cosmetologists as well as approved by stylists. They are able to replace expensive salon treatment.

Hair care products branded as Carrot Organic are perfect for dehydrated, dull and weak hair affected by polluted urban environment and constant stress caused by the hectic city life due to their detoxifying and rejuvenating effect. If you use all three products (shampoo, conditioner and hair mask) regularly, your thin and lifeless hair will quickly become much stronger, thicker and shinier. Besides, they will protect your hair from harmful environmental factors such as extremely high and low temperatures, too dry or humid air, polluted air, and UV radiation.

You can buy products from all lines branded as Organic Naturally Professional (Carrot Organic, Tomato Organic, Argan Organic, Milk Organic, Egg Organic, Coco Organic, Coffee Organic) in our online shop Organic Store. We offer high-quality and affordable natural and organic cosmetics produced by leading manufacturers from Russia, Ukraine, Italy, the United States, India, Germany, Spain, Thailand, and other countries.

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