Crazy Animals Body Scrubs by Natura Siberica

Crazy Animals Body Scrubs by Natura Siberica Inspired by ancient myths and legends of Siberian peoples, the specialists of the well-known Russian cosmetic company Natura Siberica have created a new body care line titled Crazy Animals. It includes shower gels, body creams, hand creams, foot creams and body scrubs. Crazy Animals body scrubs by Natura Siberica cleanse the skin very delicately and help to make it soft and silky smooth.

Crazy Animals is one of Natura Siberica’s newest cosmetic lines, it was launched in spring 2016. These products drew everyone’s attention immediately due to their vibrant and unusual design, unique blends of active ingredients and high efficiency. They were inspired by unique mythic animals from Siberian folklore such as Tuvan fish yak, Siberian tiger seal, Khakassian wondercorn and Taiga bear owl.

Crazy Animals by Natura Siberica presents five body scrubs, in which herbal extracts and vegetable/essential oils are combined with other natural ingredients such as volcanic salt, honey, Siberian rapa salt, black bamboo salt, etc. Each scrub has unique properties and takes great care of the skin. You absolutely should try to make one of them a part of your at-home spa routine.

Honey Bath Bio Body Scrub

Honey Bath Bio Body Scrub is designed to nourish your skin and stimulate its renewal. It is formulated with organic honey, pine nut shell powder, lungwort extract, and Siberian rapa salt. Their effect is enhanced by natural extracts obtained from Siberian juniper, Siberian spruce and Siberian creeping pine.

Due to the high content of honey, the scrub deeply nourishes your skin and stimulates skin cell regeneration and skin renewal. Taiga lungwort extract contained in the scrub helps to soften and moisturise your skin, makes it smoother, and provides a soothing effect. Rapa salt and pine nut shell powder are effective yet delicate natural exfoliating agents. They remove dead epidermal cells, making your skin silky smooth. The scrub also improves skin elasticity and keeps your skin looking refreshed and healthy.

Invigorating Crisp Fresh Body Scrub

Invigorating Crisp Fresh Body Scrub fills your skin with energy and freshness. Its key ingredients include sea belt extract, a blend of extracts obtained from Taiga berries and Altai herbs, reindeer lichen extract and lemon zest. They are responsible for the strong refreshing and energizing effect of the scrub as well as its pronounced toning properties.

Sea belt extract is derived from a type of kelp (laminaria). It provides your skin with essential vitamins and minerals, helps to keep it hydrated, stimulates skin cell regeneration, and helps to get rid of dead skin cells. Cranberry improves skin elasticity and colour, makes your skin incredibly soft, prevents flaking, rough skin and redness. Licorice root extract prevents hyperpigmentation and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Reindeer lichen and lemon zest nourish the skin, make it smoother, enhance skin elasticity, and provide a toning and refreshing effect.

Weight Loss Hot Body Scrub

Natura Siberica’s Weight Loss Hot Body Scrub is designed to help you to get rid of excess weight and prevent cellulite. This scrub contains a variety of natural ingredients such as bearberry (kinnikinnick) leaf extract, cayenne pepper, Northern bilberry, and black bamboo salt. The product has a pronounced toning effect. It combats imperfections and improves body contour.

Due to bearberry leaf extract, the scrub has a soothing and rejuvenating effect. It also stimulates skin cell regeneration. Cayenne pepper extract contained in the product has a local warming effect. It stimulates blood flow and microcirculation, has a detoxifying effect and improves skin elasticity. Northern bilberry keeps the skin hydrated, makes it soft and stimulates skin renewal due to the high content of organic acids. Black bamboo salt helps to get rid of excess moisture without causing dehydration.

Anti-Cellulite Bio Body Scrub

Although cellulite is a natural physiological condition, many women want to get rid of it. Anti-Cellulite Bio Body Scrub can help them. Its key ingredients are ginger root extract, Siberian ginseng root extract, red fir needle extract, greater celandine extract and volcanic salt. The scrub has a strong anti-cellulite and lifting effect. It will make your skin soft and silky smooth.

Ginger root extract contained in the product has an antimicrobial effect. It activates skin cell regeneration, restores the natural elasticity of your skin, and helps to eliminate cellulite. Siberian ginseng root extract stimulates skin cell metabolism and has a noticeable toning effect. Red fir needle extract nourishes and moisturises the skin, provides it with vitamins B, C and E, makes the skin smoother. Finally, volcanic salt is a source of minerals and a natural exfoliating agent. It effectively removes dirt and dead skin cells.

Arctic Ice Phyto Body Scrub

This cooling body scrub has a moisturising and refreshing effect. It contains peppermint leaf powder, Arctic raspberry seeds, Adams rhododendron, golden root extract, rosemary oil, sugar, and other natural ingredients. The scrub cleanses the skin perfectly and stimulates its renewal, gives a pleasant sensation of frosty freshness, softens and moisturises the skin.

Dude to peppermint leaf powder, this phyto scrub has pronounced refreshing and energising properties. Arctic raspberry seeds act as a natural exfoliant, they remove dead skin cells and make your skin smoother. Adams rhododendron (known as sagan-daylya in its native Buryatia) gives a powerful energy boost. Golden root extract stimulates skin regeneration. It also has a rejuvenating and moisturising effect.

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