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Leave-In Hair Sprays by Dr. Sante Leave-in hair sprays are a special group of hair care products designed to protect the hair from harmful factors, prevent brittle hair and split ends, make combing and styling easier, keep the hair looking shiny and healthy, etc. Manufacturers offer quite an impressive selection of leave-in sprays, how to choose the one that’s best for you? Check out leave-in hair sprays by Dr. Sante. They are effective and affordable.

If you want to have healthy, smooth and shiny hair, you need to take good care of it. The basic hair products that help to keep the hair healthy and conditioned are shampoo and conditioner appropriate for your hair type. That’s enough for some people, but others need additional hair care products to make sure their hair looks perfect or at least close to perfect. Luckily, there are many products to choose from such as hair masks, leave-in conditioners, hair oils, hair creams, pure vegetable oils, serums, and leave-in hair sprays.

Leave-in hair sprays should not be confused with regular hairsprays designed for styling. A leave-in hair spray is not a styling product, it is a leave-in hair treatment designed to take care of the hair rather than keep it in a certain style. Leave-in sprays create a thin protective film on the surface of the hair designed to minimize the harmful effects of external factors. They also penetrate into the hair structure and provide a moisturising, nourishing, repairing and rejuvenating effect.

Leave-in sprays are formulated taking into account the peculiarities of a particular hair type. For example, dry hair needs a moisturising and nourishing spray that helps to transport moisture and nutrients deep into the hair shafts. Such sprays nourish the hair from roots to ends and keep it hydrated. Oily hair needs a volumising spray that increases hair volume without weighing the hair down or making it look greasy. Weak, dull and brittle hair needs a rejuvenating hair spray with hydrolysed protein and vitamins that repair it and stimulate hair growth.

Dr. Sante is a Ukrainian cosmetic brand known for its high-quality products made with natural ingredients. The brand produces about a dozen hair care lines, many of which include a leave-in hair spray. Some of these sprays are: Anti Hair Loss Spray, Aloe Vera Easy Combing Spray, Keratin Hair Spray, a series of Liquid Silk hair sprays (Length & Shine, Volume & Shine, Strength & Growth, Rejuvenation & Nutrition), and more. Let us take a closer look at two of them, Argan Oil & Keratin and Macadamia Oil & Keratin.

Argan Oil and Keratin Hair Spray, also branded as Fabulous Hair, is specifically designed for damaged hair. Its key ingredient is argan oil known for its moisturising and nourishing properties. The effect of argan oil is enhanced by other natural ingredients such as hydrolysed proteins, avocado oil, lucerne extract, centella extract, Szechuan lovage extract, and aloe vera leaf juice. These active ingredients instantly restore and strengthen the structure of your hair. The spray makes your hair look healthy and silky. It doesn’t weigh your hair down or make it look sticky. The hair looks natural and fresh all day long!

Macadamia Oil and Keratin Hair Spray, also branded as Reconstruction and Protection, is designed for weak and dull hair. It is formulated with 100% natural macadamia oil known for its restorative effect. Along with macadamia oil, the product contains other active ingredients such as coconut oil, Tiare flower extract, moringa oil, and hydrolysed proteins (keratin, soy protein, wheat protein). As a result, the spray quickly rejuvenates your hair and makes it smooth and silky. The product helps to detangle the hair, makes combing and styling easier, keeps the hair looking healthy and conditioned.

Hair sprays with argan oil and macadamia oil by Dr. Sante are packaged in convenient spray bottles which are very easy to use. All you have to do is spray the product on dry or wet hair from a distance of 15–20 centimetres. Unlike styling hairsprays, leave-in hair sprays by Dr. Sante don’t contain any harmful chemicals that might cause headaches, possible allergic reactions of asthma attacks. They are free of formaldehyde, phthalates and other substances that might harm your health or the environment.

Hair care products by Dr. Sante are popular among consumers in Ukraine and neighboring countries due to their high quality, efficiency and affordability. Don’t miss your chance to see it for yourself and take care of your hair with leave-in hair sprays and other products by Dr. Sante. In our online shop Organic Store, you can find several skin and hair care lines by this brand including Dr. Sante 0%, Argan Hair, Baby, Burdock Series, Camomile Allergy STOP!, Cucumber Balance Control, and Macadamia Hair.

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