How to Dye Your Hair Black Without Chemical Dyes

How to Dye Your Hair Black Without Chemical Dyes A really beautiful and deep black hair colour is not an easy task even for chemical dyes, not to mention natural herbal hair dyes. Nevertheless, it is possible to dye your hair black without chemical dyes and get an excellent result. Of course, you need to know several things to make everything go off without a hitch.

All herbal hair dyes designed to dye the hair black contain shredded indigo leaves. True indigo (Indigofera tinctoria) is a species of plant from the legume family cultivated in tropical and temperate Asia, as well as parts of Africa. It is the source of indigo dye known for its distinctive blue colour. In Iran and some parts of former USSR indigo hair dye is known as basma.

Pure indigo cannot provide black colour, only greenish blue. That’s why indigo is usually mixed with henna. Henna (Lawsonia inermis) is normally used to dye the hair red, but when mixed with indigo it provides a deep black colour.

There are two main ways to dye your hair black using indigo and henna: consecutive dyeing using first henna and then indigo, and simultaneous dyeing using a blend of henna and indigo. Each of these methods has its pros and cons as well as some peculiarities you need to know.

Consecutive dyeing is easier because you don’t have to weigh out henna and indigo meticulously in order to get the proportions right. First you dye your hair with henna and then repeat the procedure using indigo. The time of leaving both natural dyes on the hair depends on the original colour of the hair, the state of the hair, and how deep you want your hair colour to be. As a rule, you need to leave the dyes on for 2 hours total (1 hour for henna and 1 hour for indigo).

Simultaneous dyeing doesn’t require making two dyeing solutions and dyeing your hair twice in a row, so this method is generally more convenient. However, in this case you need to pay special attention to making the dyeing solution right because any deviations from the right proportion may lead to an undesirable result.

Normally, you need to mix 2 parts indigo and 1 part henna in order to dye your hair black using two herbal dyes simultaneously. Note that if you have blonde hair you might get a reddish black hair colour as a result. So we strongly suggest that you test dye a small strand of hair on the back of your head to make sure that the result is okay with you.

Even professional hairdressers don’t always manage to get the right hair colour using a blend of henna and indigo, and it’s even harder to do everything right at home. However, nothing is impossible. You can dye your hair black without chemical dyes using a black hair dye offered by one of the brands that produce all-natural, herbal hair dyes.

There are a lot of natural cosmetic brands that produce herbal hair dyes. Many of them are based in India where henna has been widely used for centuries as a hair dye and for traditional body art called mehndi. For example, Aasha Herbals and Lady Henna offer an impressive selection of henna-based hair dyes enriched with other herbs that prevent the hair colour from fading and help to keep your hair conditioned.

Aasha Herbals and Lady Henna produce several black hair dyes. They are formulated with henna and indigo and enriched with additional ingredients to obtain different shades of black. For example, Black Indigo hair dyes by Aasha Herbals and Ledy Henna contain Chinese hibiscus, also known as China rose. Black Coffee Hair Dye is enriched with Arabica coffee. It is worth mentioning that additional ingredients not only help to get the desired shade of black but also make your hair tamer, softer and shinier as well as keep it healthy and beautiful.

In our online shop Organic Store you can find several black hair dyes by Aasha Herbals and Lady Henna (Black Coffee, Black Indigo, Classic Black). So if you want to dye your hair without chemical dyes, this is a great choice. All you have to do is add the dye you’d like to try to your shopping basket and submit the order. We will take care of the rest!

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