Agafia’s Bath Body Scrubs

Agafia’s Bath Body Scrubs Agafia’s Bath is a cosmetic line specifically designed for use in a steam room. It includes over 60 personal care products for all skin and hair types. Agafia’s Bath Body Scrubs are designed to make the skin squeaky clean and silky smooth. They are formulated with certified organic herbal extracts and oils which help to take good care of the skin and to keep it looking healthy, refreshed and glowing.

Russian company Pervoe Reshenie (First Solution) is known for its natural and organic cosmetics based on the old recipes by Agafia Tikhonovna Yermakova, a Siberian herbalist. It produces several lines based on these recipes including Granny Agafia’s Recipes, Agafia’s Herbs, Agafia’s Gifts, White Agafia, and others. Agafia’s Bath is a special product line designed for use in a steam room, for example, Russian banya or Turkish hammam. The combination of hot, wet air and natural ingredients helps to take great care of the skin and hair.

The Agafia’s Bath line includes an impressive selection of products such as essential oils, herbal elixirs, face scrubs and peelings, face masks, hair and body soaps, shampoos and conditioners, hair masks and oils, massage oils, thick body butters, body scrubs and peelings, foot peelings, and more. Body scrubs by Agafia’s Bath are designed to remove dirt and dead epidermal cells without irritating or damaging the skin. They also nourish and moisturise the skin, make it soft and smooth. The scrubs are packaged in compact and convenient 100 ml sachets or large 300 ml jars.

Each scrub branded as Agafia’s Bath has a unique composition which includes 100% natural ingredients known for their useful properties. For example, Soap and Birch Body Scrub for deep cleansing contains organic white nettle powder, oregano powder, and Sichuan birch seed powder. White nettle produces a toning effect on the skin. Oregano has soothing properties and makes the skin smoother. Sichuan birch has a regenerative effect. Besides, herbal powders act as a delicate natural exfoliant, helping to cleanse the skin gently yet effectively.

Anti-Cellulite Sugar Scrub by Agafia’s Bath is formulated with lemon balm leaf powder, golden root extract, ginseng root powder, and organic rosemary oil. Rosemary oil has an antioxidant and anti-cellulite effect. It helps to get rid of toxins and prevents cellulite and stretch marks. Golden root extract and ginseng root powder provide the skin with vitamins, minerals and other nutrients. These ingredients also have a strong rejuvenating effect. Cane sugar acts as an exfoliating agent. It effectively removes dead skin cells without damaging the skin.

Buckwheat Body Scrub is designed to improve skin elasticity. Its key ingredients are buckwheat seed powder, Altai honey, lemon balm extract, lemon balm oil, and lavender oil. Lemon balm extract is rich in organic acids, it stimulates the natural protective functions of the skin and makes it feel refreshed. Lemon balm oil improves skin elasticity. Buckwheat seed powder has a detoxifying effect and provides the skin with vitamins A, E and P. Honey is an effective antioxidant, it prevents premature skin ageing.

Kamchatka Thermal Body Scrub is another product from the Agafia’s Bath line. Its key exfoliating ingredient is salt obtained from Kamchatka thermals springs. It stimulates microcirculation, skin cell metabolism and skin regeneration. Other natural ingredients contained in the scrub include olive oil, brown algae powder, creeping pine extract, sunflower oil, and organic meadowsweet extract. Brown algae are rich in nutrients and provide a warming effect. Creeping pine needle extract nourishes the skin. Meadowsweet extract has a strong bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect.

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