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Organic Shop Face Cleansers Regular deep cleansing is an important part of your beauty and skincare routine. A good scrub or peeling helps to remove dead skin cells, makes the skin soft and smooth, improves complexion, and helps nutrients to penetrate deeper into the epidermis. Organic Shop face cleansers for deep cleansing are effective yet gentle.

Peeling, also known as exfoliation, involves the removal of dead epidermal cells from the outermost surface of the skin. Sometimes washing is not enough to remove dead skin or imperfections such as blackheads and that’s when facial scrubs, peelings and other cosmetic products designed for deep cleansing come to rescue.

Exfoliation can be achieved through either mechanical or chemical means. Mechanical exfoliation involves scrubbing the skin with an abrasive. A facial scrub used for mechanical peeling usually consists of a cream or gel-like base and mechanical exfoliant. Exfoliants used in scrubs, peelings and gommages include plastic microbeads, salt or sugar crystals, crushed almond shells or apricot kernel, berry seeds, pumice, etc. People with sensitive skin should avoid scrubs with big and rough abrasive particles.

Chemical exfoliants contain substances that help to remove dead skin cells and stimulate skin renewal. These substances include alpha hydroxy acids (glycolic acid, citric acid, malic acid, lactic acid, tartaric acid) and fruit enzymes (papain from papaya, bromelain from pineapple). Acids and enzymes may be applied in high concentrations during professional treatment or in lower concentrations in over-the-counter cosmetics.

Organic Shop offers both mechanical and chemical exfoliants for you to choose from. Organic Ginger & Sakura Face Scrub is one of the brand’s most popular products. It contains small exfoliating particles that remove dead cells very delicately yet effectively. The product is enriched with allantoin that enhances the effect of exfoliation and simultaneously soothes the skin. Allantoin is a natural ingredient that makes the skin softer, tightens pores, and has a soothing effect on sensitive, dry, and sunburned skin.

Other natural ingredients contained in the scrub are olive oil, organic ginger oil, Japanese cherry (sakura) leaf extract, and green tea extract. Olive oil provides the skin with nutrients, helps to keep it hydrated and has an antioxidant effect due to the high content of vitamin E. Sakura extract and green tea extract soothe the skin and ginger oil keeps it feeling fresh. After using this scrub your skin will never feel dry or tight, although we still recommend that you moisturise afterwards.

Organic Coffee & Powder Face Gommage is an even more delicate product specifically designed for sensitive skin. “Gommage” is a French word for “exfoliant”, it is sometimes used to refer to products which are more delicate than regular scrubs. Face gommage by Organic Shop contains kaolin (white clay), cocoa seed powder and konjac root powder as a natural exfoliating complex. It makes the skin soft and silky smooth without irritating or drying it out.

The gommage also contains olive oil, macadamia oil, organic coffee seed oil and schisandra (Chinese magnolia-vine) seed oil. These oils nourish and moisturise the skin, improve its elasticity, prevent premature skin ageing, and help to keep the skin looking healthy and glowing.

If you prefer chemical exfoliation, check out Organic Mango & Apricot Face Peeling by Organic Shop. Its key ingredient is glycolic acid, an alpha hydroxy acid known for its excellent capability to penetrate skin. It helps to remove the dead layer of the epidermis, exposing live skin cells. The concentration of glycolic acid in the product is high enough to produce a good effect but low enough not to cause skin irritation (although you still should conduct a patch test just to make sure your skin is not hypersensitive to fruit acids).

Other natural ingredients contained in the peeling include olive oil, mango seed butter, apricot seed oil, macadamia oil, and Japanese magnolia flower extract. They provide a nourishing, moisturising and soothing effect, enhance skin elasticity and prevent premature skin ageing.

Face scrubs, peelings and gommages by Organic Shop are safe, effective and natural. They are formulated with vegetable and essential oils and herbal extracts and free of synthetic ingredients such as parabens, silicones and SLS/SLES. Although they are not hypoallergenic because even natural ingredients might cause allergies in people with sensitive skin, the risk of allergic reactions is very low when there are no synthetic ingredients.

You can buy facial cleansers and other skincare products by Organic Shop in our online shop Organic Store. We offer a good selection of natural and organic cosmetics produced by trustworthy brands and deliver internationally to any country within the jurisdiction of the Universal Postal Union.

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