Handmade Lip Balms by Ambra

Handmade Lip Balms by Ambra If you want your lips to be soft, smooth and supple, you need a good lip balm that will keep them hydrated and conditioned. Handmade lip balms by Ambra (Lviv Private Soap Factory) are formulated with all-natural ingredients and take complete care of your lips, keeping them healthy and protected. They are effective, safe and affordable – what’s more there to ask for?

The skin of the lips is extremely delicate and sensitive. It is prone to dryness and is easily affected by external factors such as hot or cold temperatures, harsh wind, dry air, UV rays, etc. If you don’t take care of your lips, they will become dry, chapped, flaky, cracked, and sometimes even bleeding. That’s why you need to invest into a high-quality lip balm and use it all the year round, not only in winter months.

Proper lip care ensures that your lips remain healthy and attractive. The skin of your lips requires regular moisturising and nourishment. You also need to get rid of dead skin cells and protect your lips from harmful external factors. A good lip balm should be able to cope with most of these tasks except for maybe exfoliation. If you prefer natural products free of synthetic ingredients, check out handmade lip balms by Ambra.

Amra is a Ukrainian cosmetic brand owned and produced by the Lviv Private Soap Factory. It offers a fine selection of handmade cosmetic products formulated with natural oils and produced in small batches. Ambra is best known for its premium quality soap bars formulated with a blend of carrier oils but it also produces liquid soap, beldi soap, solid shampoos, body scrubs, lib balms, body creams, massage oils, cosmetic oils, bath salts, face creams, and more. All the products are free of synthetic preservatives, colourants and fragrances.

The Lviv Private Soap Factory started to produce natural lip balms not so long ago but they have already become quite popular among Ukrainian lovers of organic and natural cosmetics. Why exactly are Ambra lip balms so popular? They have several benefits that make them stand out among other lip balms in their price segment.

First and foremost, natural lip balms by Ambra are free of preservatives, fragrances, colourants and mineral oils. Their only ingredients are natural beeswax and other bee products (honey and propolis), vegetable oils (coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter, sea buckthorn oil, avocado oil, cocoa butter, sweet almond oil, wheat germ oil, mango seed butter), floral wax, and essential oils (ylang-ylang oil, vanilla oil, cinnamon oil, peppermint oil, orange oil).

Thanks to the high content of natural ingredients, handmade lip balms take good care of the lips. Vegetable oils are rich in essential fatty acids and vitamins that nourish and moisturise the lips, make them soft and supple. They also contain vitamin E that has antioxidant properties and thus prevents premature skin ageing. Essential oils have antiseptic properties, they accelerate the healing of minor skin injuries and help to protect the lips.

Lip balms produced by the Lviv Private Soap Factory have a very nice texture and feel great on the lips. They are easy to apply and help to keep your lips conditioned for hours without making them feel greasy or sticky. All lip balms come in a convenient stick form. They are very compact and won’t take up much space in your purse.

Finally, they are produced by a small family-owned company whose motto is “Do not blend with the mass market”. Ambra strives to make its products high-quality and safe yet affordable. The company doesn’t spend huge budgets on advertising. Its target audience might be small, but it is passionate about natural cosmetics that are safe both for human health and the environment.

You can buy handmade lip balms by Ambra in our online shop Organic Store. The manufacturer offers a series of six lip balms to suit any taste: Chocolate, Coconut, Honey, Mint, Olive and Sea Buckthorn. We also have other natural products manufactured by the Lviv Private Soap Factory such as soap bars, facial soufflé creams, solid shampoos, body scrubs, and unrefined, cold-pressed vegetable oils. Try them out and see for yourself how great they are!

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