Organic Shampoos by Planeta Organica

Organic Shampoos by Planeta Organica Organic cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular among those who make sure that the products they use are safe for human health and the environment. Russian beauty brand Planeta Organica presents a line of organic shampoos that are free of potentially irritating and harmful synthetic substances and take really good care of the hair. Let’s have a closer look at them.

Planeta Organica is owned by the company Pervoe Reshenie (First Solution) known for its numerous natural and organic brands such as Granny Agafia’s Recipes, Agafia’s Herbs, White Agafia, Organic People, Organic Beauty Farm, Organic Shop, Organic Kitchen, Organic Therapy, Organic Naturally Professional, Baikal Herbals, Love2Mix Organic, and others.

Planeta Organica shampoos are among the company’s most popular products. They are formulated with valuable vegetable oils, essential oils, herbal extracts and mineral ingredients. These shampoos cleanse the hair gently yet effectively, provide it with vitamins and other nutrients, and help to keep the hair nourished, hydrated and conditioned.

Organic shampoos by Planeta Organica are based on beauty recipes from around the world. They will help you to discover ancient hair care secrets from the Tibetan Highlands and valleys of Provence, from scorching hot Morocco and sunny Turkey, from deceptively harsh Finland and exotic Syria.

Moroccan Shampoo. This cleansing shampoo is suitable for all hair types. It is formulated with olive oil, laudanum oil, argan oil, eucalyptus oil, Arabian balsam tree extract, orange flower extract, and Damask rose extract. Key ingredient of the product is rhassoul clay. It is a natural mineral clay mined in the Atlas Mountains in Morocco. It has been used to clean the body and hair for centuries due to its strong absorbent properties. Thanks to the high content of rhassoul clay, the shampoo cleanses the hair really well and helps to regulate sebum secretion in the scalp.

Turkish Shampoo (also known as Hammam Shampoo). This is a strengthening shampoo for weak and dull hair. It contains eucalyptus oil, hazelnut oil, cinnamon oil, grapefruit extract, clove extract, and vanilla extract. Eucalyptus oil strengthens hair roots and prevents hair loss, prevents dandruff due to its antiseptic properties. Grapefruit extract helps to normalise sebum secretion and prevents greasy hair. Hazelnut oil is rich in essential fatty acids. It helps to keep the hair nourished and hydrated, makes it stronger, improves hair elasticity and flexibility, prevents brittle hair and split ends.

Tibetan Shampoo. Herbal shampoo for all hair types designed to strengthen the hair and increase its volume. Based on an ancient Tibetan recipe, it contains extracts from nine mountain herbs (edelweiss, immortelle, wormwood, ginseng, clove, saffron crocus, turmeric, goldenbanner, European goldenrod), organic red sandalwood oil and washnut extract (a mild natural surfactant). Active ingredients contained in the shampoo stimulate hair growth and produce a strong anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect.

Finnish Shampoo. This gentle shampoo is designed for weak hair and sensitive scalp, it is perfect for using in a steam room. Its delicate formula doesn’t irritate even overly sensitive scalp. Key ingredients of the product include cloudberry extract, wormwood extract, cranberry extract, heather extract, yellow sweet clover extract, and cornflower extract. These extracts are obtained from wild-harvested Scandinavian plants. The shampoo provides hair follicles with vitamins and essential fatty acids, helping to keep it nourished and hydrated. It also protects the hair from harmful external factors.

Aleppo Shampoo. Another shampoo for all hair types, it is designed to nourish the hair. The shampoo contains olive oil, fig extract, black cumin extract, Damask rose oil, cedarwood oil, thyme oil, grape seed oil, and saffron crocus oil. It excellently nourishes the scalp, makes the hair soft and shiny, protects it from UV rays and other harmful environmental factors. When used regularly, the shampoo restores damaged hair structure along the entire length and keeps your hair looking healthy.

Provence Shampoo. This repairing shampoo is perfect for damaged hair. It contains extracts obtained from five Provence herbs (rosemary, mallow, marjoram, oregano, peppermint), grape seed oil, lavender oil, and vitamins A, B, C, D and E. These ingredients help to repair damaged hair structure, enhance hair elasticity and flexibility, and provide the hair with nutrients that help to keep it healthy and conditioned. Regular use of the shampoo will restore the natural strength and shine of your hair, prevent brittle hair and split ends, and make your hair look beautiful at all times.

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