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Body Soufflé by Organic Shop Body Desserts Beauty brands offer an impressive assortment of body care products to suit any taste and budget. There are scrubs, peelings, creams, lotions, butters, oils, shower gels and other products designed to cleanse, nourish and moisturise the skin, make it soft and smooth. If you want to try something unusual, check out body soufflés by Organic Shop Body Desserts. What is a body soufflé and how is it different from a cream or lotion?

Originally, a soufflé is a baked dish based on eggs which can be served as a dessert or as a savoury main dish depending on its ingredients. Soufflé originated in France, its name is the past participle of the verb souffler which means “to puff” or “to breathe”. Soufflés are noted for their light, fluffy texture. Body soufflés were named after the dish because they have a similar texture. Basically, a body soufflé is a type of body cream which is light and airy and absorbs very quickly.

A body soufflé has a soft, creamy texture. Soufflés are lighter than body butters or thick creams but, unlike lotions, they are not liquid. A body soufflé melts on skin contact and absorbs quickly without leaving the skin feeling sticky or greasy. At the same time it excellently moisturises the skin, making it incredibly soft and preventing it from feeling dry and tight. The light, airy texture of body soufflé has one more benefit. Thanks to it, the product lasts really long because a small amount of soufflé is enough to keep the skin hydrated and conditioned.

Body soufflés are perfect for hot summer weather when heavy body creams, butters and oils leave an unpleasant feeling. However, this doesn't mean that you can only use them in summer. A body soufflé is a perfect product when you're running out of time in the morning. It absorbs so quickly that you can apply it after the shower and get dressed right away without being afraid that it will stain your clothes.

Body soufflés are produced by many beauty brands, especially those that produce natural and organic cosmetics. For example, Organic Shop, a popular Russian brand, presents a cosmetic line called Body Desserts which comprises several types of body care products, including body soufflés. Like all products in the line, Body Desserts soufflés have a delicious smell that reminds of popular dessert and transforms your body care routine into a luxurious beauty ritual. They also take good care of the skin.

Body Desserts by Organic Shop offers two body soufflés. Royal Chocolate Soufflé is designed to nourish the skin, keep it hydrated and prevent premature skin ageing. The product is formulated with organic oils and extracts that provide the skin with vitamins and other nutrients, helping to keep it healthy and conditioned.

Organic shea butter is one of the product's main ingredients. It prevents dry and flaky skin, improves skin elasticity, and makes it incredibly soft. Hydrolysed milk protein and cocoa extract intensively nourish the skin. Finally, organic olive oil is rich in vitamin E known for antioxidant properties. It produces an anti-age effect by neutralising the harmful effects of free radicals.

Moroccan Orange Soufflé is an anti-cellulite product. It moisturises and nourishes the skin and helps to prevent cellulite, improving skin elasticity and making it noticeably smoother. Its key active ingredients include cinnamon extract, nutmeg oil and red pepper extract. They improve microcirculation and produce a strong anti-cellulite effect.

Anti-cellulite body soufflé by Organic Shop Body Desserts also contains organic orange peel oil and argan oil. Orange peel oil makes the skin firmer and smoother. Argan oil is one of the most valuable cosmetic oils. It is rich in essential fatty acids that nourish the skin and help to keep it hydrated. The blend of orange oil and argan oil is a perfect combination for smooth and healthy skin.

If you're a fan of light body care products like soufflés, you should also check out body mousses which have the same airy texture. Body Desserts by Organic Shop offers Almond & Honey Body Mousse with a nourishing effect and Strawberry & Chocolate Body Mousse with moisturising properties. You can buy all these products in our online shop Organic Store. We offer a wide selection of body care products by Organic Shop and other popular beauty brands such as Planeta Organica, Organic Kitchen, Savonry, Ambra, and many more.

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