Dead Sea Naturals Shampoos by Planeta Organica

Dead Sea Naturals Shampoos by Planeta Organica The Dead Sea is known as one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water. Dead Sea water, salt and mud are widely used for their therapeutic and cosmetic properties. For example, Russian beauty brand Planeta Organica has launched a skin and hair care line titled Dead Sea Naturals. Dead Sea Naturals shampoos by Planeta Organica are enriched with minerals that help to keep the hair healthy.

The mineral content of the Dead Sea is very different from that of ocean water. While the salt in the water of most seas and oceans is mostly sodium chloride, the Dead Sea water contains high amounts of magnesium chloride as well as sodium chloride, calcium chloride, and potassium chloride. Planeta Organica Dead Sea Naturals shampoos are infused with minerals obtained from the Dead Sea water that help to strengthen the hair and restore its natural shine and elasticity.

Dead Sea Naturals by Planeta Organica offers two shampoos, each containing 15 Dead Sea minerals as well as natural ingredients such as vegetable oils, algae extracts, essential oils, etc. They are suitable for all hair types.

Strengthening Shampoo by Planeta Organica Dead Sea Naturals is based on 15 Dead Sea minerals and organic shea (karite) butter. It delicately cleanses the hair and provides it with nutrients. When used regularly, the shampoo makes the hair soft and tame, restores its natural strength and elasticity.

Planeta Organica’s Strengthening Shampoo contains a unique ingredient, marine chitosan. It is a polysaccharide derived from the chitin shells of shrimp and other crustaceans. Chitosan is widely used in medicine and cosmetics. As a shampoo ingredient, it helps to repair damaged hair structure and makes the hair noticeably stronger.

Organic shea butter contained in the shampoo is rich in essential fatty acids. It nourishes and softens the hair, keeps the scalp hydrated, and helps to prevent dandruff. When combined with marine chitosan, shea butter stimulates hair growth. Other useful ingredients contained in the shampoo include panthenol, hydrolysed wheat protein, and B vitamins (biotin and niacinamide).

Dead Sea Naturals Strengthening Shampoo has a pleasant, slightly sweet smell. It is packaged in a convenient dispenser bottle which makes it very easy to use. The product is free of synthetic attractants such as SLS/SLES, but it still lathers well and produces thick foam. The shampoo also doesn’t contain silicones so it makes the hair smoother without weighing it down.

The second shampoo offered by Planeta Organica Dead Sea Naturals is Nourishing Shampoo. Its key ingredients are 15 Dead Sea minerals and organic olive oil. The shampoo actively nourishes the hair, makes it smoother and enhances hair volume.

High-quality olive oil contained in this shampoo is imported from Jordan. It is known for its high content of vitamin E (tocopherol) that has strong antioxidant properties and neutralizes the harmful effects of free radicals. Another important ingredient in the product is red algae extract. It provides the hair with minerals and other nutrients, stimulates hair growth, and helps to repair damaged hair structure.

The effect of olive oil and red algae extract is complemented and enhanced by other natural ingredients such as panthenol, lavender oil, patchouli oil, cardamom oil, and hydrolysed wheat protein. They help to keep the hair healthy and conditioned, prevent hair loss and dandruff.

Nourishing Shampoo by Planeta Organica has a gel-like texture and a light, natural scent that will remind you of sea breeze and leisurely walks along the seashore. The shampoo lathers well and cleanses the hair very delicately yet effectively without drying it out.

Alongside shampoos, Dead Sea Natural by Planeta Organica offers other hair care products such as Strengthening Hair Conditioner, Nourishing Hair Conditioner, Repairing Hair Mask, Anti-Hair Loss Mineral Mask, and Massage Hair Mask. You can buy them in our online shop Organic Store. We offer reasonable prices, different payment methods for your convenience, and international delivery to any country within the jurisdiction of the Universal Postal Union.

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