Secrets of Arctica Hair Conditioners by Planeta Organica

Secrets of Arctica Hair Conditioners Conditioning is a very important part of your hair routine. A conditioner makes the hair softer and tamer, helps to keep it hydrated, prevents brittle hair and split ends, makes combing and styling easier. Some people even use it to wash their hair instead of shampoo (so-called co-washing). If you’re looking for a natural and affordable hair conditioner, check out Secrets of Arctica hair conditioners by Planeta Organica.

Planeta Organica is a Russian beauty brand that produces natural and organic cosmetics based on traditional recipes from around the world. It offers several product lines including Secrets of Kamchatka, Secrets of Arctica, Dead Sea Naturals, Savon de Planeta Organica, World’s Best Recipes, Premium, Organic Shea, Organic Avocado, Organic Macadamia, Organic Mango, Organic Argan, and others.

Secrets of Arctica is one of the brand’s most popular lines. It consists of skin and hair care products formulated with natural oils and extracts obtained from Arctic plants. Growing in a harsh climate, these plants have to store more nutrients than their southern counterparts in order to survive. The line includes shampoos, hair conditioners, cosmetic oils, body scrubs, body creams and butters, facial creams and masks, eye cream and gels, and facial cleansers. These products are enough to take good care of your hair and skin and keep them healthy and beautiful.

Secrets of Arctica offers three hair conditioners for various hair types. Their key ingredients are cranberry juice, sea buckthorn oil and Siberian pine oil. Let us take a closer look at each of these conditioners so that you can choose the one that’s just right for you.

Cranberry Hair Conditioner

This product is best suited for oily hair, but it can be used on any hair type. It moisturises the hair and helps to keep it fresh and clean for a long time. Key ingredient in this hair conditioner by Secrets of Arctica is organic cranberry juice. It is rich in vitamins, antioxidants and other nutrients that help to keep your hair and scalp healthy.

The effect of cranberry juice contained in the product is complemented and enhanced by other natural ingredients such as cloudberry extract, organic edelweiss extract, organic oregano extract, organic grape seed oil, vitamin E (tocopherol), and vitamin D microcapsules. These ingredients help to regulate sebum secretion, protect your hair from harmful environmental factors, provide it with nutrients, prevent brittle hair, split ends and excessive hair loss.

The conditioner doesn’t weigh the hair down and helps to keep it fresh longer than usual. If you use it regularly, you will soon notice that there is no need to wash your hair as often as you used to. The conditioner will keep it looking healthy and shiny, as well as maintain its natural strength and elasticity.

Sea Buckthorn Hair Conditioner

This is a nourishing and repairing hair conditioner with a laminating effect. It is designed to repair the hair damaged by dyeing, bleaching, perm, blow-drying, heat styling, etc. The product is formulated with amino acids and vitamin B6 microcapsules that help to repair damaged hair structure from within, improve hair elasticity and flexibility, make the hair thicker, stronger, tamer, smoother and shinier.

The conditioner contains organic sea buckthorn seed oil. Sea buckthorn has long been used in traditional medicine and cosmetic industry due to its antiseptic and healing properties. Vegetable oil derived from the seeds of Arctic sea buckthorn is rich in rutin and quercetin. These substances are important for keratin synthesis (keratin is a structural protein that makes your hair stronger) and ensure the laminating effect of the conditioner. Sea buckthorn oil also contains vitamins and essential fatty acids that nourish the scalp and trigger its natural protective mechanisms.

Alongside with sea buckthorn oil, Secrets of Arctica nourishing and repairing conditioner contains heather extract, organic olive oil, organic jojoba oil, organic chamomile extract, an amino acid complex, vitamin E (tocopherol), and vitamin B6 microcapsules. They enhance the effect of sea buckthorn oil, help to restore the natural shine of your hair, and make it noticeably stronger, tamer and healthier.

Siberian Pine Hair Conditioner

This hair conditioner is designed to strengthen the hair, stimulate its growth and prevent hair loss. Its key ingredient is Siberian pine nut oil, also known as pine seed oil or cedar nut oil, noted for its unique composition. Pine nut oil is the only vegetable oil that contains pinolenic acid. Other fatty acids contained in pine nut oil include linoleic acid, oleic acid, palmitic acid and stearic acid. They actively nourish the hair and make it grow faster and stronger.

Pine nut oil is not the only active ingredient of natural origin contained in the conditioner. Its effect is complemented by arctic willow bud extract, organic calendula flower oil, organic Japanese angelica-tree root extract, an amino acid complex, yeast polypeptides, B vitamins, and vitamin E. These ingredients have strong antioxidant properties. They prevent hair loss, protect hair from harmful environmental factors, and make the hair stronger and healthier.

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