Main Types of Mineral Salt Deodorants

Main Types of Mineral Salt Deodorants Today, when many people prefer natural and safe personal care products, mineral salt deodorants are gaining quite a popularity. They are also known as crystal deodorants, because the first natural deodorants looked literally like pieces of crystal rock. Times have changed since then, and now you can choose from different types of mineral salt deodorants, including “classical” rocks, sticks, sprays, and roll-on deodorants.

Mineral salt deodorants are not antiperspirants. Antiperspirants prevent body odour by reducing or even stopping sweating; they plug sweat gland ducts and tighten pores, affecting your body’s physiology. Deodorants do not affect perspiration. Instead, they eliminate the bacteria that cause body odour. Antiperspirants are considered over-the-counter drugs, while deodorants are generally considered cosmetic products.

Natural deodorant crystals contain natural salts such as potassium alum or ammonium alum. Most alums have an astringent, styptic and antiseptic effect, so they can be used in medicine to reduce bleeding in minor cuts and to remove acne and pimples. Besides, they inhibit the growth of the bacteria responsible for body odour. No wonder that these minerals have been used as a deodorant throughout history in Thailand, Mexico and some other countries.

As we’ve already mentioned above, the first mineral salt deodorants were just pieces of rock, although in fancy packaging. That’s why they are known as crystal rock deodorants or stone deodorants. Their shape prevented them from becoming widely popular because many people considered it inconvenient. Rocks are inconvenient to store or travel with, besides, they need to be moistened before use. To make natural deodorants more popular, manufacturers started developing new types and forms of deodorants that would be easier to use.

Deodorant sticks are the closest to the original deodorant stones. They are shaped into easy to use, smooth sticks. Some sticks have a twist-up mechanism that makes them more compact and helps to use the deodorant till the last bit, but others don’t. They still need to be moistened before use, but at least you can take them anywhere with you. A compact stick won’t take up much space in your bathroom and will easily fit into your purse, sport bag or travel bag.

Another type of mineral salt deodorant is the deodorant spray. They are made of alum, purified water and natural preservatives. Deodorant sprays have several advantages. Obviously, you don’t have to moisten them or your skin when you need to apply deodorant. Besides, you can use them anywhere on your body and share them with other people due to hygienic bottle design. Besides, deodorant sprays can be infused with additional natural ingredients such as essential oils or herbal extracts.

Finally, the third popular type of natural mineral salt deodorant is the roll-on deodorant. Like deodorant sprays, roll-on deodorants are liquid, consisting of natural mineral salts, water, natural preservatives, and sometimes infused with essential oils and extracts. They come in small battles with smooth rolling balls which make them very easy to apply.

As you might have noticed, mineral salt deodorants come in all the same forms as regular deodorants. So if you want to try them out, you won’t have to adjust. Just choose whichever you find more convenient and are best used to. Mineral salt deodorants don’t stain clothes. They are free of aluminium chlorohydrate, aluminium zirconium, phthalates, parabens, or alcohol. Some of them contain natural fragrance made with essential oils and extracts, but many are unscented.

Probably the best known mineral salt deodorant brand is Crystal. Founded in 1984 by Jerry Rosenblatt, it produces all types of natural deodorants, offering classical rocks, sticks, sprays, roll-on deodorants, foot deodorant sprays, and even body deodorant towelettes. Another popular brand is Grace. It’s a Thai brand that offers crystal deodorants with natural extracts obtained from plants such as aloe vera, coconut, mangosteen and turmeric. Other popular brands include Balea (Germany), Arcana Natura by Aasha Herbals (Russia/India), Agor (Ukraine), Ekolux (Ukraine), Ecolab (Russia), and Lafe’s Natural Body Care (USA).

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