Night Facial Creams by Agor

Night Facial Creams by Agor Ukrainian brand Agor is known for its dry powdered cosmetics based on herbs and natural minerals. Recently, it has begun to expand its product line to include hydrolate toners, mineral deodorant sprays, anticellulite lotions, hyaluronic face serums, face creams, and other products. One of the brand’s new lines is NOTTE, it includes several night facial creams for all skin types designed to combat common skin problems.

NOTTE SERIES currently includes four products: BILANCIA for oily, combination & problem skin, CALMARE for sensitive skin, CIBO for dry & normal skin, and RECUPERO for mature skin (35+). All creams are produced using a unique low-temperature technology which allows to make cosmetics containing herbal distillates (hydrolates) and unrefined vegetable oils. To mix and homogenize the water and oily phases, the creams contain special green emulsifiers which are obtained from plant raw materials and ECOCERT-certified.

Night facial creams by Agor are free of parabens, synthetic colourants and fragrances, polyethylene glycol (PEG), mineral oil, silicones, BHT-BHA, and EDTA. Each of the creams is specifically designed to combat common problems typical for a particular skin type.

BILANCIA Night Cream for Oily, Combination & Problem Skin

This night facial cream is designed to tighten pores, moisturise the skin, stimulate skin regeneration, normalise sebum secretion, and relieve inflammation. Its unique formula includes chaulmoogra oil, lemon balm extract and watermelon seed oil. The product is based on birch bud hydrolate and green tea hydrolate.

Chaulmoogra oil contained in the cream helps to normalise sebum secretion and restores the beneficial skin microflora, preventing the reproduction of harmful bacteria that cause acne. The oil also has wound healing and anti-inflammatory properties, so it effectively restores the skin and prevents acne scars.

Lemon balm extract tightens pores, produces a matte effect, and prevents irritation, inflammation and flaking. Watermelon seed oil provides the skin with the nutrients and moisture it needs, protects it from harmful environmental factors, regulates sebum secretion, and speeds up skin regeneration.

CALMARE Night Cream for Sensitive Skin

This cream is designed to strengthen capillary walls in the skin and to reduce skin sensitivity to various environmental factors. Key ingredients contained in the product include butcher’s-broom extract, Japanese pagoda tree extract, and safflower oil. Their effect is complemented and enhanced by parsley hydrolate and green coffee hydrolate.

Butcher’s-broom extract strengthens capillary walls, enhances their elasticity and reduces their fragility and permeability. Besides, it prevents dilated blood vessels in the skin and has an anti-inflammatory effect. Japanese pagoda tree extract stimulates skin cell regeneration, improves skin elasticity, make it firmer, and produces an antioxidant effect due to its high vitamin C content.

Finally, safflower oil contained in the cream nourishes and softens the skin, prevents dehydration, stimulates the restoration of cellular membranes, and has a strong antibacterial effect.

CIBO Night Cream for Dry & Normal Skin

This cream from Agor's NOTTE SERIES is formulated with active ingredients that stimulate skin regeneration and moisturise it. The cream is noted for its high content natural oils such as camellia oil, borage oil, amaranth oil, musk rose oil, jojoba oil, and cocoa butter. Instead of water, it is based on marshmallow root hydrolate and green tea hydrolate.

Among other ingredients, CIBO Night Cream contains AQUAXYL, an innovative hydrating agent obtained from plant raw materials. This ingredient prevents irritated and flaky skin, normalises the hydro-lipid balance and sebum secretion, keeps the skin moisturised and prevents dehydration.

Another important ingredient that can be found in the cream is camellia oil. It has a rejuvenating, regenerative and nourishing effect. Musk rose oil soothes the skin, provides it with vitamins and minerals, and protects the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals.

RECUPERO Night Cream for Skin 35+

This cream from NOTTE SERIES is designed to take complete care of mature skin (age 35 and older). It produces a refreshing and rejuvenating effect, makes the skin firmer and improves its elasticity. The cream is based on green coffee hydrolate and parsley hydrolate. It also contains a blend of natural oils (pine nut oil, amaranth oil, musk rose oil, cupuacu oil, jojoba oil) and extracts (carrot seed extract, Iceland moss extract, fucus extract).

Cupuacu oil contained in the cream is a strong moisturising and rejuvenating ingredient. It makes the skin velvety smooth, improves its elasticity, produces a refreshing effect, and restores the skin’s natural protective hydro-lipid layer. Carrot seed extract smooths out fine lines, prevents premature wrinkles and reduces age spots.

The product also contains Iceland moss hydrolysate. This ingredient is known for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. It has a detoxifying effect and strong antioxidant properties, and thus helps to prevent premature skin ageing caused by the harmful effects of UVA rays and free radicals.

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