Kid-Friendly Household Products by KLYAKSA

Kid-Friendly Household Products by KLYAKSA If you have a child, you must pay special attention to choosing safe household products because your kid’s health is the top priority. You need to read ingredient lists very carefully to make sure there are no potentially harmful or irritating ingredients. Or you can just buy kid-friendly household products with natural detergents. Ukrainian brand KLYAKSA offers a line of such products.

KLYAKSA (“Ink Spot”) is a personal and home care brand owned and produced by the scientific research centre Alliance of Beauty, Ukraine. Its products are based on special formulas that have been developed taking into account the peculiarities of children’s skin. They only contain ingredients that are safe for kids. KLYAKSA offers a great selection of products, including bathing products, sunscreens and after tanning products, shampoos, liquid soaps, dish soaps, laundry detergents, and fabric softeners.

Personal care products by KLYAKSA are formulated with natural ingredients that help to take good care of children’s skin and hair. They include various vegetable oils (linseed oil, olive oil, argan oil, almond oil) and herbal extracts obtained from medicinal plants such as nettle, birch, chamomile, beggarticks, lime (linden), plantain, etc. These ingredients nourish the skin and help to keep it hydrated, as well as protect the skin and hair from harmful environmental factors.

KLYAKSA’s home care products (dish soaps, laundry detergents, fabric softeners) contain mild detergents that are safe for children’s health and don’t irritate the skin. The brand’s dishwashing liquids are suitable for washing baby tableware, milk bottles, pacifiers, silicone teats, teethers, and even hard-skinned fruit and vegetables. Let's take a closer look at some of the household products offered by KLYAKSA.

Cool Antibacterial Washing Liquid for Baby Tableware, Toys, Fruit and Vegetables

Unfortunately, today even fresh fruit and vegetables aren’t completely safe for kids because they are often treated with special substances to improve appearance and prolong shelf life. For example, many fruits are waxed to prevent water loss and thus retard shrinkage and spoilage. And washing with water is sometimes not enough to remove these substances.

Antibacterial Washing Liquid by KLYAKSA is specifically designed to effectively remove dirt, wax and other substances from the surface of hard-skinned fruit and vegetables even in cold water. It has a strong antibacterial effect and thus helps to protect your kid from various harmful microbes.

The product is suitable for washing almost anything a child can put in his or her mouth, lick, or bite. You can use it to wash pacifiers, milk bottles, teethers, plates, cups, spoons, sippy cups, and more.

Protective Formula Fantastic Baby Dish Soap

Regular dish soaps may be not suitable for children’s dishes because they often contain surfactants and other substances which are dangerous for kids’ health. Protective Formula Baby Dish Soap by KLYAKSA is free of SLS and SLES (sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate), parabens, EDTA, synthetic colourants and fragrances. It is very easy to rinse off which makes it perfect for washing baby dishes, cups, spoons, etc.

The product effectively removes grease and dirt even in cold water. It is suitable for washing dishes made from various materials, including glass, ceramics, metal, and plastic. The dish soap is dermatologist-tested at Ferrara Laboratory (Italy). It is enriched with aloe vera leaf juice, glycerine and panthenol to take care of your hands. These ingredients have moisturising, soothing, protective and softening properties; they allow to wash the dishes without gloves.

Super Baby Laundry Gel

Washing all your laundry, including baby clothes, with the same detergent may be good for your family budget, but parents who care for their children’s health know that this is not a good idea. Regular laundry detergents often contain irritating ingredients that are hard to wash out and may cause skin rashes in children because child’s skin is typically very delicate and sensitive. As a result, seemingly clean clothes may cause irritation, flaking, and other skin problems.

That is why you should use special laundry detergents to wash baby clothes. KLYAKSA offers Super Baby Laundry Gel that is free of chlorine, phosphates, phosphonates, opacifiers, fragrances and colourants. This laundry gel has a very mild yet effective formula. It easily removes all kinds of dirt at different temperatures and laundry regimes. Besides, it is enriched with a special colour preserving complex which makes it suitable for washing both white and coloured clothes.

Amazing Baby Fabric Softener

When it comes to washing baby clothes, it is especially important to choose the right fabric softener because most children hate to wear stiff, itchy and scratchy clothes. Amazing Baby Fabric Softener by KLYAKSA will make your baby’s clothes incredibly soft, no matter what fabric they are. Your kid will always be comfortable! The product is easy to wash out, it doesn’t irritate delicate baby skin.

The fabric softener also has an antistatic effect. It protects fabric from wear, prevents creasing, makes ironing easier, and gives the clothes a light, fresh scent. The product is suitable for both hand and machine washing. It is infused with lavender extract known for its calming properties.

It is important to mention that Amazing Baby Fabric Softener is free of phosphates, phosphonates, parabens, opacifiers, and colourants. It is dermatologist-tested and can be used without gloves.

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