Snake Brand Cooling Powder from Thailand

Snake Brand Cooling Powder from Thailand Many tourists who’ve visited Thailand are familiar with cooling powder, a very interesting local cosmetic and hygienic product. Suitable for everyday use, it is a real salvation in Thailand’s hot and humid climate. There are several brands of cooling powder in Thailand, but the oldest and best known one is Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder.

Snake Brand is a health and personal care brand owned by The British Dispensary (L.P.) Co., Ltd. The British Dispensary was established in 1892 by Dr. Thomas Hayward as a drug store. It was Dr. Hayword who created the company’s recognizable logo, an arrow-stuck snake. In this logo, the snake represents sickness, while the arrow symbolises cure.

In 1928, Dr. Luan, the ancestor of the Vongvanij family, took over the store and expanded the business. Under local management, the company became the authorised distributor of many international brands. Dr. Luan also began to develop various kinds of consumer products. Snake Brand released its first batch of its own products in 1932.

Prickly Heat Cooling Powder is the most famous product by Snake Brand. It was launched in 1952 to relieve skin irritation and heat rash caused by hot weather. Prickly Heat Cooling Powder was the first Thai cosmetic product to become popular both in Thailand and abroad. It was inspired by the peculiarities of Thailand’s climate.

Thailand has a hot and humid climate. Locals are used to it, but foreigners who come to Thailand often suffer from heat rash, itching, skin irritation and chafing caused by increased sweating. To help them, Dr. Luan Vongvanij of The British Dispensary developed the formula of cooling powder that became a real salvation for foreigners and earned quite a popularity among locals as well.

Key ingredients contained in Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder are talc, menthol, camphor, and triclocarban, an antibacterial agent common in personal care products. Triclocarban inhibits the growth of the bacteria that cause body odour, so the product has a deodorising effect. Prickly Heat Cooling Powder also contains natural aromatic ingredients (essential oils) and can be enriched with herbal extracts that take care of skin. All these ingredients help the product to perform several important tasks at once.

First, you can apply it to practically any part of your body to keep the skin there clean, dry, and fresh. It prevents excessive sweating and skin problems caused by it, such as heat rash, chafing, skin irritation, and itching. Second, just like its name suggests, cooling powder has a strong cooling effect which makes the heat much more bearable. Third, it has adsorbent and antibacterial properties, and thus prevents inflammation.

Snake Brand Prickly Heat Cooling Powder has a wide range of applications. For example, many people, especially runners and athletes, overweight people, or women who often wear dresses and skirts in hot weather, experience inner thigh chafing. Prickly Heat Cooling Powder helps to prevent sore, red patches of skin caused by chafing thighs. It also creates a cool sensation on your skin.

Another common problem is sweaty feet, or hyperhidrosis. Sweaty feet can lead to or exacerbate problems such as blisters, corns, callouses, athlete’s foot, plantar warts, and other skin conditions. Snake Brand Cooling Powder helps to prevent your feet from sweating and keeps them dry and clean. Besides, it has a deodorising effect and thus prevents foot odour.

You can also use cooling powder on you face. In hot weather, sebaceous and sweat glands work more actively, which may cause clogged pores, comedones, acne, and skin inflammation. Cooling powder absorbs excess sebum, dirt and grime, keeping your skin from getting oily. Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory ingredients contained in the product prevent blackheads and acne.

Snake Brand offers several kinds of Prickly Heat Cooling Powder, with different scents and in different packaging. One of the most convenient options is cooling powder in 150 g metal jars. Such packaging keeps its coolness and natural fragrance fresh for a long time.

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