Nail Care Products by Pharma Bio Laboratory

Nail Care Products by Pharma Bio Laboratory Sometimes a regular manicure is not enough to keep your nails looking their best. If you suffer from dry cuticles, hangnails, brittle nails and other problems, you absolutely need to invest in good nail care products that will make your nails strong and keep your cuticles soft and hydrated. Pharma Bio Laboratory offers a great selection of products that you can include in your nail care routine.

Pharma Bio Laboratory, sometimes referred to as Bio Pharma, is a Ukrainian personal care brand owned and produced by the pharmaceutical scientific research centre Alliance of Beauty. It has been producing cosmetics designed to solve common skin, hair and nail problems for more than a decade. The brand offers a wide range of products, including bath salts, foot creams, foot deodorants, face cleansers, shampoos, hair conditioners and masks, hair serums and oils, intimate washes, baby care products, and nail care products.

Nail care products by Pharma Bio Laboratory can be divided into two groups: nail & cuticle treatments and manicure products. Nail & cuticle treatments are designed to make your nails healthy, while manicure products make nail polish last longer and prevent it from chipping. Both groups of products are based on years of research by pharmacists and cosmetologists to provide consumers with top-quality nail care.

Manicure Products by Pharma Bio Laboratory

Even expensive nail polish may start to chip really soon if you don’t apply top coat. A final layer of clear top coat over your finished manicure is important for a number of reasons. It restores shine, evens out brush strokes, speeds the dry time of your nail polish, prolongs your manicure, hardens nails and prevents breakage, and smooths out glitter in case you use glitter polish. Pharma Bio Laboratory presents Nail Polish Dryer and Top Coat 60 Seconds that reduces the dry time to just one minute and makes your mani last longer.

Pharma Bio Laboratory top coat makes nail polish dry faster and creates a protective layer on the surface of your nails, preventing the polish from chipping, smudging, and fading. It also adds more shine to your nails. The product is very easy to use. All you need to do apply your favorite nail polish, let it dry a bit, and then apply Pharma Bio Laboratory nail polish dryer on top of it. Wait for a minute, and your manicure is done!

Taking care of your cuticle is an important part of your nail care routine. Since the cuticle protects the area at the base of the nail from infection, cutting it is not a good idea. Instead, we recommend that you apply cuticle remover and then gently push back the cuticle with a wooden orange stick. This will make your nails look neat without damaging the cuticle. SPA Manicure Express Cuticle Remover by Pharma Bio Laboratory makes the cuticle and skin around the nails softer and keeps them hydrated. If you use it regularly, you will forget about dry cuticles and hangnails once and for all!

Nail Treatments by Pharma Bio Laboratory

Using bright nail polish with lots of pigment all time is bad for your nails. Using strong polish colors without giving your nails a break can turn them yellow and dry them out. So every once in a while, you should forego nail polish and apply a clear gloss designed to repair your nails. Pharma Bio Laboratory offers Brilliant Shine Multi-Purpose Nail Coat designed to prevent yellowish and brittle nails. It strengthens and moisturises nails, as well as helps to protect them from harmful environmental factors. The product can also be used as a base coat. It creates a perfect smooth foundation for a flawless manicure, makes your nail polish last longer, and prevents strong pigment from staining your nails.

If you have thin and brittle nails, try using SOS Nail Strengthener for Soft, Thin & Peeling Nails. It is a professional nail treatment enriched with vitamins and calcium. It repairs and strengthens nails, as well as prevents microcracks and other damage. You can use it just as a nail treatment or as a base coat as well.

Finally, Repairing Gel Nail Coat 7 in 1 is an effective and affordable product that speeds up nails growth and produces a repairing and regenerative effect. Formulated with vitamins A, B5 and E, it will make your nails stronger, firmer and healthier after just 12 applications. It also makes the nails look shinier and protects them from harmful environmental factors.

You can buy nail care products by Pharma Bio Laboratory in our online shop Organic Store. We also offer a great selection of other cosmetic products produced by the brand, such as hair oils, bath salts, face cleansers, shampoos, and baby care products.

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