Mineral Salt Deodorants by Agor

Mineral Salt Deodorants by Agor Ukrainian beauty brand Agor is best known for its dry powdered cosmetics (facial cleansers and masks, peel-off alginate masks, dry shampoos, etc.). But not so long ago, it also began to produce mineral deodorant sprays. Agor’s mineral salt deodorants are highly efficient and contain only 100% natural ingredients. Let us take a closer look at them so that you can choose the one that’s just right for you.

Mineral salt deodorants have little in common with antiperspirants. Antiperspirants significantly reduce perspiration or even stop is altogether. As perspiration is a means of thermoregulation, regular use of antiperspirants might be dangerous. Unlike antiperspirants, mineral salt deodorants have no effect on sweating. Instead, they eliminate odour-causing bacteria due to the high content of a natural mineral called potassium alum.

Potassium alum, also known as potassium aluminium sulfate and potash alum, is a naturally occurring sulfate mineral. Since ancient times, it has been used as an astringent, styptic and antiseptic in both traditional and official medicine. It can be used to treat acne, to reduce bleeding in minor cuts and abrasions, and as a natural deodorant.

Potassium alum is noted for its strong disinfecting properties which enable it to eliminate various kinds of bacteria, including the bacteria that reproduce in sweat and cause body odour. This effect of potassium alum was used to create mineral salt deodorants, also known as natural deodorant crystals.

The first mineral salt deodorants were indeed a piece of potassium alum crystal. To use it, one had to moisten the top of the crystal and then apply it to their armpits. Luckily, potassium alum is very soluble in water, which made it possible to create mineral deodorant sprays. Many consumers find sprays easier to use than crystals. Besides, a water solution of potassium alum is easier to infuse with other ingredients, such as essential oils or herbal extracts. At the same time, mineral deodorant sprays are just as effective as deodorant crystals.

Mineral salt deodorant sprays by Agor are based on herbal distillates, also known as hydrolates or floral waters, instead of water. Hydrolates are colloidal suspensions of essential oils that help to take care of your skin. Besides, Agor deodorant sprays are infused with essential oils and additional natural ingredients with antibacterial properties that enhance the effect of potassium alum.

Agor offers two lines of mineral deodorant sprays, ACTIVE MINERAL and NICE BODY. ACTIVE MINERAL includes deodorant sprays based on potassium alum and hydrolates, which suitable for both men and women. These deodorants are scent-free, so they won’t clash with the smell of your perfume or personal care products. ACTIVE MINERAL deodorants are enriched with hydrolates obtained from oak bark, nettle and yarrow. They have an astringent effect and slightly tighten pores.

The second line of deodorant sprays by Agor is NICE BODY. It includes several deodorants based on potassium alum and herbal extracts. Along with natural salts and hydrolates, these deodorants contain supercritical fluid CO2 plant extracts that have a strong antibacterial effect, as well as essential oils that have a light, natural scent and enhance the antibacterial properties of other ingredients.

All deodorant sprays by Agor prevent body odour for 6 to 12 hours, depending on your level of physical activity and the outside temperature. They don’t clog sweat gland ducts, don’t accumulate in your body, and are completely safe for your health due to being free of any potentially harmful or irritating substances, such as alcohol, parabens, or aluminium chlorohydrate. Mineral deodorant sprays are easy to rinse off and don’t stain clothes.

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