Face Cleansers and Make-up Removers by Pharma Bio Laboratory

Face Cleansers and Make-up Removers by Pharma Bio Laboratory It is very important to choose face cleansing products (washes and make-up removers) that are right for you, because proper cleansing helps to keep your skin healthy and flawless-looking. Natural face cleansers and make-up removers by Pharma Bio Laboratory are an affordable solution that will take care of your skin. They are free of SLS, SLES, parabens, and other irritants.

Pharma Bio Laboratory, also known as Bio Pharma, is a popular cosmetic brand owned and produced by the pharmaceutical scientific research centre Alliance of Beauty (Ukraine). The brand offers products formulated with natural ingredients and based on herbal extracts instead of water. All product formulas have been developed by pharmacists.

Pharma Bio Laboratory’s skincare line comprises several face cleansers, including delicate foaming cleansers, micellar water, micellar mousse cleanser, and micellar make-up remover lotion. Let us take a closer look at each of these products.

Aqua Control Foaming Mousse Cleanser

It is a very delicate product designed to take care of dry and sensitive skin. This foaming mousse cleanser is formulated with Hydrovance, a special patented active ingredient with a strong moisturising effect.

The product effectively removes dirt, grime, make-up residue, and excess sebum without disturbing the natural balance of your skin. Thanks to Hydrovance, it produces a deep moisturising effect and prevents dehydration. With Aqua Control Foaming Mousse Cleanser, your skin will never feel tight after you wash your face!

Due to its very mild and delicate cleansing base, the product is suitable even for very sensitive skin. It is infused with herbal extracts obtained from medicinal plants known for their soothing effect, such as beggarticks, chamomile, calendula (marigold), and plantain. The cleanser also contains white tea extract that prevents irritated and inflamed skin.

Pure Control Foaming Cleanser

This cleanser by Pharma Bio Laboratory is best suited for washing oily and problem skin. It helps to combat typical skin problems such as enlarged pores, acne, oily shine, and blackheads (comedones). The products is formulated with Farnesol, a special active ingredient that helps to regulate sebum secretion and takes good care of oily and problem skin.

Pure Control Foaming Cleaner was developed by pharmacists, taking into account the peculiarities of oily and problem skin. It cleanses the skin without disturbing its natural protective functions, produces a mild astringent and matte effect, soothes the skin, and prevents inflammation.

The cleanser is based on a blend of herbal extracts, which includes beggarticks extract, chamomile extract, marigold (calendula) extract, and plantain extract. It also contains hyaluronic acid, bilberry extract, peppermint extract, and saw palmetto extract. These ingredients help to keep your skin feeling fresh and clean for hours after you wash your face.

Aqua Expert Moisturising Micellar Water with Oils

Micellar water by Pharma Bio Laboratory is an effective cleansing product suitable for all skin types. It is characterized by a 6-in-1 effect. Micellar water effectively removes make-up and dirt, takes good care of the skin, and produces a moisturising, softening, refreshing, and matte effect.

Aqua Expert Micellar Water is a very delicate cleanser. It binds the particles of sebum, dirt, and make-up due to containing microscopic particles known as micellas. It also contains Hydrovance, a special active ingredient with pronounced moisturising properties, as well as argan oil and rose oil. These ingredients nourish the skin and make it soft and supple.

The product is suitable for removing waterproof make-up. Due to its hypoallergenic formula, this micellar water is safe even for very sensitive skin. It does not require rinsing, which makes it very easy to use.

Ultra Gentle Micellar Mousse Cleanser

This mousse has a very mild cleansing effect, that's why it is billed as ultra gentle. It is suitable for all skin types, including overly sensitive skin. The cleanser has a 5-in-1 effect and contains natural moisturising and soothing ingredients.

Ultra Gentle Micellar Mousse Cleanser by Pharma Bio Laboratory is free of SLS, SLES and soap. It cleanses the skin due to containing micellas, active micro particles that delicately remove dirt and excess sebum from the surface of the skin and enable to rinse them off without rubbing the skin and disturbing its natural balance.

The formula of the mousse includes olive oil, chamomile extract, aloe vera leaf juice, and a blend of soothing herbal extracts. These ingredients soften, moisturise, and soothe the skin. They relieve irritated and red skin, and produce a refreshing effect.

Rejuvenating Micellar Make-up Remover Lotion

Rejuvenating Micellar Make-up Remover Lotion by Pharma Bio Laboratory is formulated with Repair Expert, a special active ingredient that stimulates skin regeneration. The product is perfect for removing eye make-up. It has a 6-in-1 effect. The lotion contains chamomile extract, beggarticks extract, marigold (calendula) extract, plantain extract, argan oil, grape seed oil, and almond oil.

Micellar Make-up Remover Lotion effectively removes make-up, dirt, and excess sebum without drying the skin out. Due to Repair Expert, it actively stimulates skin regeneration. Natural oils contained in the product are rich in essential fatty acids. They nourish and moisturise the skin, improve its elasticity, make the skin smoother, and prevent premature skin ageing.

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