Deodorant Stones from Thailand

Deodorant Stones from Thailand Body odour is a common problem, especially in hot weather. Most people use antiperspirants to reduce perspiration and prevent odour, but this is not the safest option because antiperspirants can clog sweat gland ducts and disturb thermoregulation. If you want to get rid of body odour without endangering your health, try deodorant stones from Thailand. They are natural, safe and effective.

Normally, human sweat is practically odourless. Body odour is typically caused by the bacteria that thrive in hot, humid environments such as the human underarm. They feed on sweat and release substances in their waste that give body odour its characteristic aroma. Deodorants and antiperspirants were created to prevent body odour, but they do it in different ways. Deodorants kill odour-causing bacteria, while antiperspirants reduce or even stop sweating and thus reduce the moist climate in which bacteria thrive.

However, reduced perspiration might be dangerous for your health because sweating is a means of thermoregulation. Sweat helps us to cool down in hot weather, and without it, you may get hyperthermia (heat stroke). That’s why deodorants are considered to be safer than antiperspirants.

Deodorants are formulated with antimicrobial substances that kill odour-causing bacteria, such as alcohol or triclosan. Unfortunately, some of these ingredients are irritating to the skin. That’s why more and more people choose natural alternatives known as deodorant stones and deodorant crystals. Such crystals are commonly found in Thailand.

Deodorant stones consist of a naturally occurring mineral named potassium alum. This chemical compound has a strong antiseptic and astringent effect. It inhibits the growth of the bacteria responsible for body odour. That’s why potassium alum crystals have been used as a natural deodorant throughout history in Thailand, the Far East, and other regions where this mineral occurs naturally.

Deodorant crystals were brought to Europe and then to the United States in the second half of the 20th century. Due to the high solubility of potassium alum, mineral salt deodorants are produced in various forms, including whole crystals (also known as deodorant stones or deodorant rocks), sticks, roll-ons, sprays, and more. Despite such diversity, many consumers prefer “classical” deodorant stones from Thailand.

A deodorant stone is a polished potassium alum crystal in a special holder. To use it, you need to slightly moisten the top of the crystal and apply it to clean skin. That’s all! Quick and easy. Deodorant crystals are free of aluminium chlorohydrate, phthalates, alcohol, parabens, and other potentially irritating or harmful ingredients. They prevent body odour without disturbing perspiration and clogging sweat gland ducts. Natural deodorants are 100% safe for your health and the environment and can be applied even to sensitive skin.

There are many Thai natural deodorant brands you can choose from. One of the most popular ones is Grace. The brand is owned and produced by the Bangkok-based company Novolife Co, Ltd. It offers several kinds of crystal deodorant in 2 formats (70 g stick and 40 g stick) to suit any taste. For example, if you prefer “pure” products without any additives, you should check out Fragrance Free Crystal Deodorant by Grace that contains only one ingredient, potassium alum. Aloe Crystal Deodorant was created for those who like fresh smells, while Turmeric Crystal Deodorant is perfect for those who prefer spicy smells.

All deodorant stones by Grace, except for Fragrance Free Crystal Deodorants, are infused with natural herbal extracts that help to take care of your skin and have a light, natural smell. For example, Aloe Crystal Deodorant contains aloe vera leaf juice that has a strong moisturising effect and helps to keep the skin hydrated. Mangosteen Crystal Deodorant is formulated with mangosteen peel extract known for its anti-inflammatory and soothing properties. Mangosteen enhances the effect of potassium alum and speeds up the healing of cuts and other minor skin injuries.

Many tourists buy deodorant stones as souvenirs on the trip to Thailand, but you don’t have to go to Thailand to try them out. In our online shop Organic Store you can buy mineral salt deodorants by Grace as well as by other brands such as Balea (Germany), Aasha Herbals (Russia/India), Agor (Ukraine), Crystal (USA), Lafe’s Natural BodyCare (USA), Ekolux (Ukraine), and Ecolab (Russia).

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