Deep Cleansing and Detox with Detox Med

Deep Cleansing and Detox with Detox Med Under the influence of various external and internal factors, toxins accumulate in the epidermis, which negatively affects the health and beauty of the skin. It becomes dull and begins to flake, the pores expand and become clogged and inflamed, a greasy shine appears on the face, especially on the T-zone. To avoid all this, you should regularly cleanse your skin using detox cosmetics, such as innovative Detox Med products.

It is hard to keep your skin completely healthy when it is constantly affected by everyday stress, unbalanced diet, and polluted environment. Normally, the skin is able to get rid of toxins itself, but when there are too many factors that affect it, your skin need some help. That’s when detox cosmetics come to rescue. Such products are formulated with antioxidant ingredients that neutralise the negative effects of free radicals and stimulate skin renewal. Besides, detox skincare products have a deep cleansing effect.

Detox Med is a cosmetic line designed for deep cleansing and pharmaceutical detox of the skin. It is produced by the Ukrainian-Polish group of companies Elfa, known for its numerous personal care brands that are popular in Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

Products labelled as Detox Med are designed to rid the skin of toxins, neutralise their harmful effects on the skin, and restore normal skin cell metabolism. They cover the full cycle of skin cleansing and detoxifying: Detox Med products help to get rid of toxins, remove dirt and grime, unclog pores, restore the skin’s protective lipid barrier, and protect the skin from damage caused by free radicals.

Detox Med cosmetics have been developed by pharmacists. Each product is based on a carefully selected combination of ingredients that ensures maximum effect in complete harmony with natural processes in your body. As a result, these products have a noticeable cleansing and detoxifying effect right from the first use. They improve skin elasticity and complexion, make the skin smoother, stimulate its renewal, and help to keep your skin looking fresh.

The Detox Med line comprises six products, four of which are designed to cleanse and detoxify the skin of the face (the other two are designed for body care). These four products include a mask, an emulsion, a peeling, and a cleansing gel. The active formulas of these products contain bamboo charcoal, organic acai berry extract, organic goji berry extract, pomegranate seed oil, and chia seed oil.

Bamboo charcoal contained in Detox Med products is a strong absorbing agent. It effectively absorbs toxins, as well as binds dirt and excess sebum, helping to remove them from the surface of the skin. Organic acai berry and goji berry extracts are valued for their antioxidant properties, they stimulate skin renewal and produce a rejuvenating effect. Pomegranate seed oil and chia seed oil nourish and moisturise the skin, as well as help to restore its natural lipid barrier that protects the skin from harmful environmental factors.

The entire Detox Med line is suitable for all skin types. Detox Med Facial Cleansing Gel is designed for everyday use, it is perfect for the first stage of skin detox. Face mask and face peeling are designed for the main stage of detox, using them 1–3 times a week will be enough. Face emulsion is the final stage of your at-home detox routine, it should be applied to clean, dry skin.

Skincare products by Detox Med have a light texture that makes using them a real pleasure. They are free of synthetic colourants and parabens. The Detox Med skincare line can replace expensive salon treatments. You get the same effect but for less money!

You can buy Detox Med products in our online shop Organic Store. We also offer other skincare lines produced by Elfa, such as Dr. Sante 0%, Dr. Sante Camomile Allergy STOP!, Dr. Sante Cucumber Balance Control, Dr. Sante Pure Code, Green Pharmacy, and others.

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