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Energy of Vitamins Body Butters Using moisturising and nourishing body care products after a shower or bath should be an essential part of your body care routine. Hot water and shower gels strip your skin of its natural oils, leaving it dry. To keep your skin from feeling tight after showering, you should immediately apply a moisturiser. Body butters by Energy of Vitamins will help to keep your skin hydrated and velvety smooth, as well as give it a pleasant smell.

There are different causes for dry skin after a shower or bath, including, but not limited to hard or chlorinated water, taking long and hot showers, shower gels with synthetic surfactants such as SLES, rough towel-drying, and others. In other words, your skin is frequently exposed to stress and doesn’t have time for renewal, so it desperately needs extra nourishment and hydration. Thick body butters by Energy of Vitamins are specifically designed to provide the skin with the nutrients it needs and help it to retain moisture.

Energy of Vitamins is a beauty care brand owned and produced by the pharmaceutical scientific research centre Alliance of Beauty based in Ukraine. The centre’s personal and household care brands include Viva Oliva, Family Doctor, Angry Birds, Line of Beauty, Green Collection, n0% green home, Organic Control, KLYAKSA, Bio Crystal, Natural Spa, Pharma BIO Laboratory, and others.

The company’s Energy of Vitamins line comprises body care, skincare, hand care and intimate hygiene products, including bubble baths, shower gels, body butters, liquid soaps, body scrubs, face cleansers, hand creams, intimate washes, and more. Each product is formulated with natural oils and herbal extracts that provide the skin with vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and other nutrients it needs. If you want to prevent your skin from feeling dry and tight after a shower or bath, Energy of Vitamins body butters are what you need.

All body butters labelled as Energy of Vitamins have a SPA effect. Due to the high content of natural oils, such as shea butter, papaya seed oil, pistachio oil, mango seed butter and argan oil, they provide the skin with essential fatty acids and make it incredibly soft and velvety smooth. The brand offers three body butters for all skin types: a nourishing body butter with papaya seed oil and silk protein, a modelling body butter with pistachio oil and green coffee extract, and a moisturising body butter with argan oil and mango seed butter.

Pistachio Oil & Green Coffee Thick Modelling Body Butter is formulated with green coffee extract and pistachio oil. These ingredients help to make the skin smoother and produce a lifting and modelling effect. Natural green coffee extract improves skin elasticity, while pistachio oil nourishes the skin and helps to keep it hydrated. The product is infused with SymFit®, a lifting agent produced in Germany. This is a phyto complex that helps to make the skin smoother, improves body contour, and prevents cellulite.

Papaya & Silk Proteins Thick Nourishing Body Butter contains shea (karite) butter, papaya seed oil, and hydrolysed silk protein. Shea butter and papaya seed oil are noted for their unique fatty acid composition. They actively nourish the skin, helping to keep it soft and smooth at all times. Hydrolysed silk protein complements and enhances the effect of oils, making your skin silky smooth. The butter absorbs well without leaving your skin sticky or greasy, it is a real salvation for all skin types.

Finally, Argan Oil & Juicy Mango Thick Moisturising Body Butter provides deep hydration that lasts all day long. Key ingredients contained in the product include argan oil and mango seed butter. Argan oil is one of the most valuable cosmetic oils, it actively moisturises the skin and makes it softer. Mango seed butter provides the skin with vitamins and other nutrients. Another important ingredient that can be found in this body butter is Hydrovance®. This is an effective moisturising agent that helps to retain moisture in the epidermis and prevents dry and flaky skin.

In our online shop Organic Store, you can buy Energy of Vitamins body butters, as well as other products produced by the brand, such as body scrubs and intimate washes. We also offer products by other brands owned by Alliance of Beauty, including Bio Crystal, n0% green home, KLYAKSA, Pharma BIO Laboratory, and Organic Control.

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