Delicate Body Mousse for Summer Skin Care

Delicate Body Mousse for Summer Skin Care Your skin needs moisturising and nourishment all year round. But in summer, when the weather is hot, most body creams and lotions take more time to absorb and may leave your skin feeling sticky or greasy, even if in winter they don’t. To keep your skin hydrated in hot weather, you need special products designed for summer skin care, such as light and delicate body mousses.

Cosmetic manufacturers offer a large range of body moisturisers, such as lotions, creams, butters and oils, etc. Most women choose a moisturiser based on their skin type and preferred texture (light or thick), but they forget that in different weather, our skin needs different things. In summer, for example, it needs light moisturisers that absorb well but still keep the skin hydrated and protect it from the sun.

Body mousse is a perfect summer moisturiser for all skin types. Just like other types of moisturiser, it is based on vegetable oils that have pronounced hydrating and nourishing properties. But it has a light, fluffy texture due to being whipped. Body mousse looks and feels like foam or very light cream. It absorbs almost instantly, leaving your skin soft, smooth and hydrated.

Unlike thick body butters and creams, body mousse never leaves the skin feeling sticky or greasy. After applying it, you won’t have to wait before getting dressed: body mousse won’t stain your clothes or make you uncomfortable in any way.

The best time to apply body mousse is right after a shower or bath because hot water leaves the skin dehydrated. Pat your skin dry with a towel and apply a small amount of mousse with light motions. You can also use body mousse to soothe your skin after sunbathing. However, if you got sunburnt, you should use special skin care products enriched with panthenol, aloe vera leaf juice, and other soothing and healing ingredients.

There are various kinds of body mousse for different skin types and purposes. For example, intensive hydrating body mousse is specifically designed for dry skin which becomes even dryer in summer because of the harmful effects of UV rays. There are nourishing body mousses that provide the skin with vitamins and other nutrients, anti-age body mousses designed to prevent premature skin ageing and maintain skin elasticity, anticellulite body mousses that keep the skin smooth and prevent cellulite, soothing skin mousses that relieve irritated skin, etc.

Although most body mousses are designed for summer skin care, you can use them all the year round if you feel that their hydrating effect is enough for you. However, most mousses can’t keep the skin hydrated in winter, when low temperatures make it dry and peeling. That’s why we recommend that you stick to body mousses in summer and buy a good body cream or body butter to use in winter.

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