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Aasha Herbals Coconut Oil Coconut oil has been one of the most popular skin and hair care oils for decades and maybe even centuries. Its popularity is easily explained by the fact that coconut oil has a unique fatty acid composition that helps to take good care of all skin and hair types. Aasha Herbals presents a cosmetic line based on 100% coconut oil combined with Ayurvedic ingredients that enhance its effect.

Aasha Herbals is a cosmetic brand produced by the Indian company Herbal Dream Ayurveda Creations Private Limited for OOO Aasha, Russia. Its products are based on a combination of ancient Ayurvedic recipes and innovative formulations, which has allowed to obtain effective natural products for gentle skin and hair care.

Aasha Herbals offers a wide range of personal care products, including high-quality cosmetic oils, toothpastes, mineral deodorant sprays, deodorant crystals, hair dyes, hair masks, facial masks and creams, and more. One of the brand’s most popular products is coconut oil infused with valuable Ayurvedic ingredients. Aasha Herbals offers five types of oil, each with its own useful properties.

Pure Coconut Oil

This is pure, 100% natural coconut oil with no additional ingredients. It is suitable for both skin and hair care. Coconut oil can be applied as is, added to store-bought cosmetics, or used to make DIY hair and face masks.

You can use coconut oil to moisturise, soften and protect your skin and hair. It can also be used as a massage oil. Due to its soothing, healing and anti-inflammatory properties, coconut oil can be applied to sunburnt skin or used to soothe the skin irritated by hair removal or exfoliation.

Coconut Oil Infused with Lemon and Chamomile

This oil is enriched with lemon essential oil and chamomile extract, which gives it additional useful properties. Due to chamomile extract, the oil has a pronounced antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effect, as well as produces a matte effect on the skin. Lemon oil is valued for its whitening effect. It helps to reduce skin pigmentation, improves complexion, and has toning and refreshing properties.

As a result, you can use coconut oil with lemon and chamomile to take care of oily, combination and problem skin. When used as a hair care product, this oil prevents excessive hair loss, as well as combats dandruff and itchy scalp. Besides, it helps to strengthen hair structure and makes your hair soft and silky.

Coconut Oil Infused with Bhringraj Oil

This Aasha Herbals coconut oil is enriched with bhringraj oil, a popular Ayurvedic ingredient. Bhringraj oil is obtained from Eclipta prostrata (false daisy), a species of plant in the sunflower family. Its Sanskrit name “bhringraj” is literally translated into English as “king of hair”, referring to its traditional reputation as a hair care product. Bhringraj oil helps to repair brittle, dry and damaged hair.

Coconut oil infused with bhringraj oil actively provides hair follicles and shafts with moisture and nutrients, prevents hair loss, makes weak hair stronger and improves its elasticity. Besides, coconut oil with bhringraj restores the hair’s natural shine, helps to eliminate dandruff, and protects the hair from harmful external factors, such as dry air, harsh wind, or UV rays.

Coconut Oil Infused with Brahmi Oil

This product contains pure coconut oil and brahmi oil. The latter is obtained from the plant known as brahmi, water hyssop and Indian pennywort. Brahmi was given its Sanskrit name in honour of Brahma, a creator god in Hinduism. Due to the combination of coconut oil and brahmi oil, this product takes good care of all hair types.

Coconut oil infused with brahmi oil stimulates epidermal cell renewal in the scalp, as well as improves microcirculation, helping to provide hair follicles with nutrients and to stimulate hair growth. It soothes the scalp, helps to keep the hair hydrated, makes its soft and smooth, improves hair elasticity and flexibility.

Coconut Oil Infused with Jojoba Oil

The combination of coconut oil and jojoba oil ensures double moisturising and softening. Coconut oil infused with jojoba oil by Aasha Herbals is perfect for taking care of dry skin. Jojoba oil is valued for its ability to penetrate deep into the skin without leaving it feeling greasy or sticky. It provides the skin with essential nutrients, stimulates its regeneration, and prevents dehydrated skin.

The product nourishes and moisturises the skin, makes it softer and smoother, and produces an anti-age effect. It can be used to prevent transepidermal water loss, smooth out fine lines, and improve complexion. The oil can also be applied as a treatment for sunburnt skin and as a make-up remover.

Each type of coconut oil by Aasha Herbals comes in a compact bottle that won’t take up much space in your purse or suitcase. You can take it with you everywhere to make sure that your hair and skin are nourished and hydrated at all times. You can buy Aasha Herbal coconut oil in our online shop Organic Store. We also offer other brands of high-quality coconut oil, including Cococare, Flora Secret, Triuga, Parachute, Aromatika, and Ambra.

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