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Eye Creams for Mature Skin by Agor To take good care of the delicate skin around the eyes, you need special products that will nourish, moisturise and soften the skin, as well as protect it from harmful environmental factors and slow down the ageing process. Eye creams by Agor are based on special recipes containing natural ingredients which take complete care of the skin around the eyes.

Ukrainian beauty brand Agor produces eye creams for its cosmetic line titled EVER SERIES. Unlike some of the mass-market products, they don’t just mask problems, they actually solve them. Each eye cream by Agor is based on a carefully balanced blend of herbal active ingredients, which help to prevent dry and flaky skin, dark circles and bags under the eyes, puffiness, premature wrinkles, and other common problems.

All eye creams from EVER SERIES include ingredients that strengthen capillary walls, keep the skin hydrated, stimulate lymph drainage, and produce a soothing effect. These creams are based on hydrolates, also known as herbal distillates or flower waters, and are produced using a unique low-temperature technology that allows to make creams containing unrefined vegetable oils, which are richer in useful substances than refined oils.

Emulsifiers used for mixing the oily and aqueous phases of Agor creams are obtained from safe raw materials. They are ECOCERT-certified, which confirms their safety for human health and the environment. All creams are free of silicones, parabens, synthetic fragrances and colourants, PEG (polyethylene glycol), mineral oil, and BHT-BHA.

Agor eye creams are designed for mature skin (aged 25 or older). There are three creams for different age ranges. For example, CADERE Eye Cream 25+ is designed for the age range of 23 to 35. It is formulated with ingredients that prevent premature skin ageing and smooth out fine lines. Key ingredients contained in the cream include butcher’s broom extract, mallow extract, beta-glucan, bladder wrack extract, squalane, monoi oil, tea seed oil, and licorice extract. They stimulate skin cell metabolism in the epidermis, protect the skin from photoageing and toxins, and help to keep the skin hydrated at all times.

CADERE Eye Cream 35+ is designed for the age range of 33 to 45. It was created to eliminate dark circles under the eyes, reduce crow’s feet, and produce a lifting effect. The formula of the cream is based on Persian silk tree extract. This natural ingredient makes the skin around the eyes firmer, improves its elasticity, prevents droopy eyelids, and makes the eyes more expressive. The effect of Persian silk tree extract is complemented and enhanced by matcha extract, plant rutin obtained from Japanese pagoda tree, coffee extract, betulin, jojoba oil, cupuaçu butter, and pomegranate seed oil.

For the age range 43 to 60, the specialists of Agor recommend CADERE Eye Cream 45+. This cream is also based on Persian silk tree extract, it has a pronounced lifting effect. Its formula is additionally enriched with pomegranate extract and amla (Indian gooseberry) extract. These ingredients stimulate collagen and elastin synthesis, moisturise the skin and help to lock in the moisture, stimulate microcirculation, and help to restore the skin’s protective lipid barrier that prevents transepidermal water loss.

You will achieve a visible and long-lasting effect only if you use any of the creams regularly for 1.5–2 months. Then take a short break for 1–2 weeks and repeat the course. You should apply the cream in the morning and in the evening to clean, slightly damp skin. Spread the cream with your fingertips and tap the surface of the skin to help the cream absorb. Don’t stretch the skin or try to rub the cream in.

You can find eye creams and other products by Agor in our online shop Organic Store. We offer eye creams for mature skin from EVER SERIES, day creams from GIORNO SERIES, night creams from NOTTE SERIES, as well as other products, such as hydrolate toners, algae masks, mineral deodorant sprays, dry shampoos, anticellulite lotions, facial cleansers, hyaluronic face serums, phyto-active face toners, and more. All beauty products by Agor are based on natural herbal ingredients and do not contain synthetic additives. They are a great alternative to expensive salon treatments.

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